Experiment Kraj

Experiment Kraj

Legendary Creature — Ooze Mutant

Experiment Kraj has all activated abilities of each other creature with a +1/+1 counter on it.

: Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature.

Experiment Kraj Discussion

Homelessguy on * text wall* Local tournament …

1 month ago

First sorry if I put this in the wrong place. Second I'm sorry for not being able to condensed this in a way that makes sense.

So in my area friend of mine started something call silver league. Basically regular Commander but Only Commons and uncommons in the 99. We're on our way like 7th season of this, it's really enjoyable what decks that I wouldn't normally and turn two of them it's a full-fledged Commander decks after the season was over. But now that we've done this for a while I am not quite sure what to build.

I've done Combo:Experiment Kraj placed 7 out of 16 Tokens:Omnath, Locus of Wrath 9/22 Voltron:Sigarda, Host of Herons 1/14 ( made into a commander) Goad: the big lion guy. dead last ( made into a commander) Skip one season

And we're getting ready for the next which will start in November I think

And I'm trying to get something ready for that season. I've tried to put together a weaver/ kondo infect deck but it was really slow

I just got done trying a another partner combinations also super slow not really getting a board state until turn eight

I'm trying to build something that I have not done before and something that would do well without the need for rares or Mythic cards.

Anybody got a commander I could try? And card suggestions for said Commander.

DeinoStinkus on DeinoStinkus

3 months ago

TypicalTimmy well, you appeared nearly everywhere, and your deckbuilding strategies intrigued me. I've always been sort of a Timmy, and seeing your decks made me want to build off-the-wall fun decks. I'm thinking of building either The Mimeoplasm or Experiment Kraj to have some fun building a deck around ooze. Unfortunately my LGS is very competutuve, so I'll probably only play it with friends. My Yennett deck is a bit more competitive, but still fun. Anyways, I guess your approach to deckbuilding gave me a perspective I didn't have before, and I'm thankful for that. There's also the whole effect of "mentorship", where the biggest people on a website seem to be the wisest and the most knowledgeable.

alejandrojcg on

7 months ago

I did some of what you suggested alphonsy.

I added Mind Unbound, Zameck Guildmage, Etched Oracle and Soul Diviner for the card draw; Faeburrow Elder for the ramp and fixing; Gilder Bairn for other pump mechanic; and Experiment Kraj as a wildcard (since he can copy what other creatures may do).

Also lowered the black permanents and upped the blue ones. So it is now mainly green, blue and black second with splashes of red and white.

This has proven to be more difficult that what I thought. I feel iffy about how it's turning out. Will continue to accept suggestions.

WarpedZerghead on Krenko's Goblin Meat Market

7 months ago

BuraddoRun, long time no response! Goblin Offensive embodies the spirit of this deck but two parts make it a tough addition to the deck which are the spell having an cost and it being a Sorcery. I really had to think it over and see where it can fit or what the card can replace but in the end the value doesn't meet the mindless efforts associated with this deck.

Each spell in the deck with an mana cost was selected specifically in the case the player has reached some infinite source for mana which will involve the capability for infinite goblin production. One potential option to use it for more gain is with Fires of Invention to at least cover the CMC, but further research of the card's rulings shows that spells cast with in the mana cost, the must equal : you cannot cast it and add your untapped mana sources to cover the cost. :(

Cast speed being Sorcery really limits a needed flexibility that would be more beneficial if it could be cast in between turns.

It can be useful if there is enough mana to really push it to the max if useful sources are in play and if Krenko were to go bye-bye, but I have designed the deck to strictly rely on Commander or Bust tactics. This narrow-minded strategy is similar to another deck I am trying to perfect using Experiment Kraj as the commander: Kraj-Maga Tap Dancing. Most of the cards are silly, low end and somewhat redundant but they all revolve around providing Kraj with better odds of reaching infinite combos that will outright end the game.

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

7 months ago

a Simic card!!

a la Experiment One and Experiment Kraj

Experiment Chittering Chick One

Legendary Creature - Squirrel Chicken Mutant

Squirrels you control get +0/+1 and have reach.

, Sacrifice a non-Acorn creature with defender: Create a 0/2 Acorn Plant green creature token with defender and shroud.

, Sacrifice an Acorn creature: Create a 1/1 green Squirrel Chicken creature token.

: Until end of turn, whenever you draw a card, you may discard a land or creature card, if you do, create two green 0/2 Acorn Plant creature token with defender and shroud.

"It lays acorns and eats eggs!?"

"We're working on it."


I'd like a Simic creation with exactly three subtypes.

QuirkyQU33FER on Humanity was an Experiment by Aliens

8 months ago

Incubation Druid + Freed from the Real (if druid is adapted) = infintie blue and/or green mana

once you have that here are some of the crazy possibilities you can do with it:

Experiment Kraj + Presence of Gond + Gilder Bairn = infinitely big infinite tokens lol

Experiment Kraj + Knacksaw Clique = exile everyones library

Experiment Kraj + Cytoplast Manipulator + Horseshoe Crab or any untapper = steal everyones shit among other things

Tibus on 5 color golos walls

8 months ago

I'm building a 5c toughness matters/wall deck with golos at the helm. Im looking to do more than just the usual business with the deck, by having access to 5c and using cards that woukd otherwise be unable to be used well like Guild Feud


When you visit the deck it's currently set to custom tags and the tags at the bottom are maybeboard options for subthemes in the deck. I was considering a few of these but was looking if anyone could offer some genuine eureka ideas for building this type of deck and having access to 5c. For example I noticed Experiment Kraj would be a 6/6 for 6 that can borrow other players creatures abilities, also Prime Speaker Vannifar is a 4/4 for 4

Another idea I had was to produce tons of mana and have good mana sinks to use with the amount of mana I would produce.

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