Renegade Krasis


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze (DGM) Rare

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Renegade Krasis

Creature — Beast Mutant

Evolve (Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under your control, if that creature has greater power or toughness than this creature, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

Whenever Renegade Krasis evolves, put a +1/+1 counter on each other creature you control with a +1/+1 counter on it.

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Renegade Krasis Discussion

lagotripha on Circle of Life - GB +1/+1 Counters

2 weeks ago

I've been testing in Sultai colours non-budget- if you move to a fetch manabase Vinelasher Kudzu eats goyf, and Tireless Tracker really eases things post turn 5, and a sideboard full of counterspells and hand disruption helps fight through the Jaces.

Personally in mono green, I really like Simic Initiate and as many 1 drops as possible, ramping Renegade Krasis into Asceticism. Having a nigh-immovable boardstate is very satisfying.

Oran-Rief, the Vastwood exists. Its not great, but it exists.

Bramblewood Paragon and Oona's Blackguard are worth a look- they scream metallic mimic tribal synergies, but they work real well in counters lists. Drana, Liberator of Malakir is also effective due to the lack of fliers such lists often have.

Mana Bloom is worth a look if you're looking at ramp effects- Tezzeret's Gambit is a valuable source of draw, and running both song and Cryptolith Rite feels like it could be very very good, even if I can't quite see the mechanics to break it yet.

Aragon_Neotrix on Mono Green Stompy

3 weeks ago

3 drop wise you could use

Managorger Hydra, Renegade Krasis only needs one other creature to start being explosive, one Rhonas the Indomitable I think is a good decision, Groundbreaker can end games with aspect of hydra, Spawnwrithe can force bad blocks, Witchstalker isn't bad, Boon Satyr is great mid and late game. Still gonna suggest Thrashing Brontodon and Beast Within for sideboard

Jimmy_Chinchila on Merfolk +1/+1 counter

3 months ago

Id throw in Metallic Mimic, Inspiring Call and Cyclonic Rift. Theres a ton of other good counter synergies but figured youre trying to stay Tribal. Things like Kalonian Hydra and Tuskguard Captain and Renegade Krasis for example. I know its pricey but Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca fits perfectly.


mistahARK on green stompyboi(s)

3 months ago

Interesting suggestions. Some others I found are:

Bow of Nylea, 3 drop with great synergyOran-Rief, the VastwoodSpike Weaver

I might even experiment with swapping out the Avatar for Renegade Krasis and throw in Kalonian Hydra or Protean Hydra for an extended mana curve.

xander11 on Yisan and Vorel are making some cheese

4 months ago

Herald of Secret Streams Champion of Lambholt (I have one I can give you if you actually make the deck) These both turn your deck into a really painful thing to play against. Kiora, the Crashing Wave is a really fun walker to play in this deck, and dirt cheap since no one plays her at all. Increasing Savagery good way to get all the counters out that you can, also great commander for hydras cough cough Mistcutter Hydra

Renegade Krasis

Bioshift someone kills your big boy just take all its counters and move them to something else

Vastwood Hydra does the same thing as bioshift just for itself

So my last suggestion is a bit of a money sink but it will be a fun thing to play if you want it Vigor

Calyptic on

6 months ago

No problem! And yes, putting Rafiq in the 99 was what I meant, not as the commander.

I couldn't really give any suggestions (research cards online) earlier, but now I can help more.

Proliferate lets you put 1 more counter on any number of counters on the battlefield, so if you were to proliferate, and you have 5 creatures with +1/+1 counters on them, you can add one more to each of them, and up a loyalty counter on a planeswalker, or an experience counter if you have it. Just any kind of counter. It's an amazing ability to have, and blue has it the most I believe (if not it's a close 2nd).

Good cards to consider for proliferating might be:

Thrummingbird is not bad. It has flying so it'll be harder to get from damaging players and proliferating

Contagion Engine is a MUST for a proliferators. You proliferate TWICE, and weaken your opponent's creatures, (which fun fact you can proliferate those as well). Has kind of an expensive cost at first, but after a bit in the game, four mana to up all your counters, then up them AGAIN will be a walk in the ballpark, especially since most the cards in this deck are 5 or less mana.

Contagion Clasp is the diet sugar-free version of the above, of course its much cheaper, but the ability is the same cost, and only proliferates once. Still not a bad card though.

Steady Progress is a pretty simple instant, and helps for card draw.

Finally, this may not be TOO useful, but is something to think about, Throne of Geth will let you proliferate, HOWEVER saccing the artifacts you have isn't too good of an idea, but that's up to you. At the very least, you could sacrifice the Throne itself to proliferate just once, maybe sac Sol Ring once you have tons of mana? That's up to you.

There are a few other cards which proliferate, but they deal Infect damage. Thankfully you can proliferate the poison counters they give to players and the -1/-1 counters they put on creatures, but it's been my experience playing with Infect decks that it's often better to make Infect the absolute focus of a deck that has it, Reason being that the creatures built around Infect are designed to be very fast, Infect decks are usually fast aggro decks

Good cards for putting counters on creatures might be

Lifecrafter's Gift you can never go wrong with this card, it's almost like proliferate too.Scale Blessing Pretty much the same as above.Patron of the Valiant is like those two almost proliferate cards above, except it's a creature with flying, which means you can put counters on it too!!

Titania's Boon Easy way to get the proliferate train started.

Mikaeus, the Lunarch is slowgoing, and in danger of getting targeted with an instant or sorcery, but you still have counters to throw around.

Vastwood Hydra if you plan on having the gobs of mana for it, or at least enough to put 1 counter on each other creature once it inevitably dies.

Sunbringer's Touch is okay for the first part, but it's mostly for that juicy trample effect that it'd shine in this deck.

Ainok Bond-Kin Tuskguard Captain Crowned CeratokAbzan Battle PriestAbzan Falconer these will synergize the hell outta this deck, in my humble opinion.

Renegade Krasis is another good ol' counter putter.

Celestial Ancient will be useful, with those 12 or something enchantments in your deck.

Inspiring Call is also good for both synergy and card draw.

-Orvos- on Is Zameck Guildmage a suitable ...

7 months ago

I've been fine tuning my deck Clockwork Mutants for a long time now and it's been slowly evolving. (hehe... puns) A quick run down of the deck is to get counters on creatures to trigger Animation Module and use a ever increasing Gyre Sage to generate mana to put out tons of 1/1 Servo tokens.

The problem I'm having right now is that Master Biomancer has a CMC of 4 which is like tapping the brakes in this deck. He makes me slow down a bit..... but he also enables exponentially larger creatures to come into play. It really gets ridiculous how large of creatures I can get out for one mana with him.... but is this overkill? Would it be better for me to use Zameck Guildmage to enable some more draw and to be a third in the set of Hardened Scales and Metallic Mimic?

If I replaced Master Biomancer with Zameck Guildmage i'm a little afraid that the deck would hit a plateau. Right now I can make 10+ 15/15 servo tokens on a good set up but I'm concerned that this change would make it be more like ~5 4/4 servo token, but it would be more reliable and quicker.

Master Biomancer easily enables Renegade Krasis to evolve with each servo that comes into play which makes for INSANE creature growth. Zameck Guildmage can remove counters from him for draw but its not as mana efficient as Master Biomancer.

I'm not a super competitive player, but my play group does play modern which is why I made this deck so I don't know all the ins and outs of modern.

I don't know... haha. I've hit a "creative" dead-end with this deck. Yet I still feel that something else can be improved....

Clockwork Mutants

Modern* -Orvos-

SCORE: 91 | 113 COMMENTS | 15570 VIEWS | IN 63 FOLDERS

Valius on Modern Casual Simic Evolve

7 months ago

Endless One is fantastic to trigger Evolve at any stage of the game and is always on-curve. Avatar of the Resolute is a powerhouse in a deck such as this, especially if you put the Renegade Krasis back in.

I'd also recommend dropping the Manipulators. I'm a huge fan of it, and run it in my Atraxa edh deck, but the space in a modern deck is better spent on Pongify or Rapid Hybridization or even Cyclonic Rift

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