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Hello guys, many of you know me as FlashAndretti (Flash for short), on discord across multiple servers. I first got interested in playing Meren after my fiance picked her up and we played this deck ever since. I hope you all enjoy this primer as I break down many things for you all.
  • Fast, often threatening wins on turn 3

  • Backbreaking stax that makes people quit

  • No baby stax diluting your draws

  • Extreme resilience to opposing stax

  • Meren is a dark horse in the competitive community, expect to be ignored

  • Short on interaction, cannot reliably stop early win attempts

  • Short on combo protection, must rely on repeated win attempts

  • Even other stax decks will spend removal on your stax pieces

  • Crumples under Rest in Peace, Cursed Totem, and Mindcensor effects

  • Meren is notorious in the casual community, expect to be focus fired

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