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How are you PeskyPineapple. To better explain the terms, Spleen made a post a 6 months ago on reddit about the terms i've used here.

An example of a regrowth effect would be Not Forgotten. For more grander explanations though, we have very capable people on the Elsha discord server...

February 19, 2020 11:37 p.m.

Hi gweintraut, thank you for checking out the primer. I definitely appreciate it buddy, now for some explanations.

The idea behind cutting it IsoRev was the role it served could be filled by breach+LED with less startup resources as well as being better cards overall. But without LED (and twister) you need to reach an egregious amount of Mana to start utilizing payoffs (4 for tithe, 1 for angels grace, 3 for wheel/windfall) versus the relatively small startup cost of isorev (3 post top+reducer). While it's certainly possible, as most lists run 9+ fast Mana, it becomes significantly less "guaranteed" as you could draw an amount of that before going off. Which could lead to situations where you need to have excess Mana before going off (in addition to whatever you need to defend the combo).

With that said, 1 way to make infinite using Smothering Tithe:

Draw through with top, playing fast Mana off the top along the way. Once you've drawn everything, activate scroll rack, hold priority and return it to your hand with chain of vapors. Return everything in your hand back to your library, with scroll rack, smothering tithe, windfall and rolling earthquake at the bottom. Redraw everything until you reach scroll rack, cast that. Then smothering tithe. Then windfall. You'll make like 150 mana and draw REQ. Activate scroll rack (it's untapped cuz you recast it) and put REQ back on top. Cast REQ for lethal. If you needed even MORE Mana, you could sac off your lands to bounce all the free rocks you played before scroll racking (the first time) too. This is without Breach.

For Timetwister, you only need like 40 mana and 40 spell casts which you could generate post-draw via Breach > Smothering Tithe > Twister > redraw extorting 15 times > Escape Twister > Redraw extorting 15 times > Escape Twister > redraw extorting 15 times. only requirement being 40ish cards left in your gamestate (hand/yard/library) to enable the draws and pay for escape twice. (This also works with echo, as smothering tithe should produce 21 mana per iteration, giving you 15 for extort and 6 to recast echo).

February 18, 2020 1:28 a.m.

Hey skyhaven the link should be working, it is permanent. Here is another one

February 11, 2020 12:45 a.m.

Jamesbrine that line is definitely viable, I chose to not run it because right now i'm preferring Back to Basics and Blood Moon more. Now If I cut one of them I would add this in the deck for sure.

artificium thanks for the kind words friend. Snap is an amazing card and glad i run breach as well. Only run grace in your list if it can be used in multiple instances, not just 1 scenario. Elsha kind of hates dead cards for good reason.

enpc I will test that at a later date. For now I am finding success with this list and love it. As for the css, thank you for telling me, will look for a fix on it soon.

February 4, 2020 1:01 p.m.


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