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Atraxa's Divine Providence (Divinity Counters)

Commander / EDH* Counters GWUB Spirits Tribal



Atraxa spirit tribal centered around the Myojin.

I've been making Atraxa decklists for fun based on different types of counters, and I decided to see how one based on divinity counters would go. The result is so much fun, though, that I might actually put this together!

It's a little bit surprising, since Atraxa isn't a spirit or somebody who you'd think of as a spirit tribal commander, but with all the spirits out there that take on so many different roles, you've got a really solid foundation for an Atraxa deck very easily. Add in some tribal support, and suddenly this deck is looking very splashy, and powerful, while still being interactive.

Myojin of Night's Reach and Myojin of Seeing Winds are the two biggest spirits here - if they hit the field while Atraxa is also out, there's extremely little hope left for my opponents.


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