Sundering Titan


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions Mythic Rare
From the Vault: Relics Mythic Rare
Archenemy Rare
Darksteel Rare

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Sundering Titan

Artifact Creature — Golem

When Sundering Titan enters the battlefield, choose a land of each basic land type, then destroy those lands.

When Sundering Titan leaves the battlefield, choose a land of each basic land type, then destroy those lands.

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Sundering Titan Discussion

undertheglass85 on Mono white stax edh

1 week ago

Though it looks like a WIP, this seems effective!

One other note: Sundering Titan is banned in EDH, unless your group has a special exception?

Delta-117 on The Terrifically Terrifying Titian Trio

2 weeks ago

Yeah it is a lot of fun. Quite recently I just finished ny own tron deck, the difference is that it is mono blue tron, which is a more controlling version of the deck.

I have stuff like an Ugin, the Spirit Dragon,Remand, Condescend, Academy Ruins + Mindslaver , Sundering Titan, Wurmcoil Engine, Platinum Angel in the deck. It's a much cheaper variant over all of the other tron decks.

legomanalec on Tron for Poor Orphans

3 weeks ago

xyr0s thank you for that comment! I had put Sundering Titan in my actual tron deck, I just felt at 5$ a piece they were a but to expensive for this budget version!

xyr0s on Tron for Poor Orphans

3 weeks ago

Airakk Who the hell bothers writing a primer on RG tron now? It's not like the basic idea is new anymore, or that "assemble urzas lands" is going to be a surprise to anyone. But it's actually nice that it's possible to exchange the win conditions of RG tron, and still have a coherent deck - and like it has been pointed out, this deck can have its cards improved one at a time, until it's a lot less budget. That's actually pretty nice, decks that can be upgraded, instead of having to be made in one go.

And your soldier tribal... yeah, maybe it can goldfish in 4 turns. But how much of the most commonly played removal does it take, before you have a pile of do-nothing-cards? From what I can tell, it's an A + B deck, and if either part is missing (creatures or equipment) it has no shot at winning, apart from opponent being manascrewed. And that's without accounting for sideboards, where most players have something against both artifacts, and decks that go wide with small creatures.

The whole "your green splash doesn't ramp" actually reveals a bit about game-understanding. Yes, elves can make 6 mana by turn 3, but that's at the cost of being vulnerable to removal. Sure, there are ways to get rid of tronlands. But they see nowhere near as much play as Lightning Bolt, Fatal Push, and Anger of the Gods. And finding the tron lands, even if you just play one each turn, actually accelerates mana just fine. Well enough for a whole decktype to have rolled on as a "big-mana deck" for years, without ever playing any dirty elvesessss (it's called RG tron, and it's a pretty good deck). In the not-so-budget-friendly version of RG tron, Ancient Stirrings is a 4-of (I guess it's a bit too pricey for a budget build though). As you may notice, Airakk, it also doesn't exactly ramp (but I don't think RG tron players would exchange it for Llanowar Elves anyway)...

As for the deck budget - is often even cheaper than tcgplayer.

For this RG tron deck: Have an upvote, and how about Sundering Titan? You're not relying on basic lands anyway, and if it had already been played and killed, getting to reanimate it with Artisan of Kozilek would be hiloarious.

StoryArcher on Dirty Tron

4 weeks ago

I have to believe that Surgical Extraction has a place in the main deck of any control-minded mono-black deck - possibly in for the Solemn Simulacrum. It really has so many uses that I've never had a game where it wasn't useful... though I'll be the first to admit that the current price can be prohibitive. A less expensive alternative would be Extirpate, but you don't get the benefit of being able to cast it for 0 mana in a pinch.

I have to think that there are some better 'finisher' creatures than Sundering Titan - have you looked at any of the Eldrazi Titans?

BlazingAbsol on Heartless Minds

1 month ago

Probably a couple cranes and some of the random big artifact creatures (Sundering Titan maybe?)

wzxc on 5 Colour dredge reanimator control

1 month ago

Thank you for the feedback, it is much appreciated; I really wasn't sure if anyone would take my 5 colour, graveyard-centric, control/reanimation deck seriously :D - due to the fact that it pretty much scoops to most graveyard hate and blood moon; which are both very frequently played in the format.

Anyway... Back to the topic at hand: Sundering Titan seems like a really cool card to reanimate as early as turn 4, and it can do a very good job at handicapping our opponents mana base and it is also somewhat effective at beating down the opponent. However, the main problem with it that I find is that it HAS to hit a land of each basic land type - meaning that if our opponents aren't running 5 colours as well, then we almost certainly are going to have to destroy a bunch of our own lands too; this is especially devastating if we are against mono colour deck (in which case we will be destroying a bunch of our lands and only one of theirs) and it can also be really annoying if they aren't running many lands with the actual basic land types (e.g man lands, tron lands, fast lands and etc). Because of this I feel that sundering titan will just be more trouble than it's worth for this deck, especially since Griselbrand already does a really good job at what it does (by having flying (to give it some very useful evasion), by having lifelink (which can allow us to stay alive and get out of sticky situations) and by having one of the most broken abilities on any creature (as paying life to draw cards can bury your opponents under so much card advantage, that in most cases they won't be able beat you - along with this there is also the nice little combo of drawing a bunch of cards with Griselbrand and then discarding them to a Conflagrate to easily one shot your opponent regardless of the boardstate)). Also, Iona, Shield of Emeria kind of already does what you were trying to do with Sundering Titan, as she locks your opponents of playing any spells with a chosen colour in them - this can auto win the game against mono colour decks if it resolves.

Also, I have thought about adding Thought Scour, but I just prefer Dream Twist in most situations for this deck; as all of the cards in this deck are either able to be used from the graveyard, or there are other cards that can get them from the graveyard into your hand or the battlefield; because of the fact that this deck is very capable of using cards in it's graveyard, and in is very desperate to mill it's self, I think that the added value that the flashback ability that Dream Twist has gives it a nice advantage over Thought Scour, as it can give it an extra use and it can allow it to be used if it is milled (which Thought Scour can't) - along with this, having a card in your graveyard for this deck can quite often be better than being in your hand (e.g the reanimation targets or the dredgers), so the fact that Dream Twist mills 3, rather than mills 2 and drawing 1 can sometimes be quite relevant.

One final thing, sorry this reply is so long (;D), the inclusion of Purify the Grave in the sideboard was kind of a gimmick, as I wanted to carry on the theme of every card being useful in the graveyard and your hand (as in nearly every other self mill deck I have made, it can be very irritating if you accidentally mill a card that you cannot use or get back from the grave and it can really complicate your gameplan when you want to dredge, but you also really want to draw a particular card that you don't want to accidentally mill). Also, quite a few of the other graveyard hate cards are symetrical, so even if I were to include Rest in Peace or the other such cards, it would hurt me just as much as my opponent; but if this deck ever end up being a real, competetively viable thing, I may ends up using some such cards, as I am not 100% sure if Purify the Grave can really cut it in the competetive scene.

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