This is my new Xyris, Roadkill deck (Death comes on Wheels) and it hits like a truck. The primer will become more detailed after further testing and refining.

Xyris is an awesome and fun commander and seems to get a lot less attention than other C20 commanders, maybe my primer can help to show his potential and get people into it.

I hope you enjoy it!

Played the deck now for quite a few games and it performs really well so far. There is some nice explosive potential and turns can chain into absurd amount of draw, tokens and mana in a storm-like way.

The deck is build to generate large amounts of tokens with wheel effects and from there you can win easily with combat or outside of combat. With all the draw and cycling through your deck you find your important key-pieces fast and can go off.

You will enjoy this deck if:

  • You like explosive turns

  • You like chaining together almost storm-like turns

  • You like complex synergies

  • Messing with your opponents long term plans is your thing

  • You like scrolling through your deck really fast

  • You like the ramdomness of wheel effects

  • You like a deck that gets stronger the more opponents you got

  • You enjoy to make like 50 tokens and 100 mana per turn and opponent

Maybe you should play something else if:

  • You like to keep your turns simple

  • The randomness of wheels is not your thing

  • You want a deck thas doesn't get a lot of attention from your opponents

  • Temur isn't your color-combination

The deck plays pretty straight forward. Early game you start to ramp an bit, play some stuff from your hand as usual and try to get your commander out early.

Once your commander is on the battlefield its time to start the fun. Play some wheels, force everyone to get a new hand while producing a ton of tokens. Usually you draw into another wheel and can do that again.

Cards like Earthcraft, Xenagos, the Reveler, Gaea's Cradle, Battle Hymn or Phyrexian Altar turn the snakes you get from your wheels into more mana to play even more wheels. This produces absurd amounts of tokens and mana and you scroll through your deck really fast to find a wincondition.

After your engine is running, you dig through your deck really fast while producing more tokens and mana. From this point you got several ways to win and close the game:

  • Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora: First blue deck i have that doesn't like these cards. The card draw is really not needed and i did cut them for more ways to keep the wheel-chain going like Battle Hymn and such.

  • Mana Echoes: Colorless mana doesn’t do too much in this deck and we already got enough ways to generate crazy amounts of colored mana.

I hope you like the deck. Feedback, Card suggestions, Comments and Upvotes are welcome.


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