Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)Each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library, then draws seven cards.

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Memory Discussion

MoJoMiXuP on The Chump Chomper

3 weeks ago

yeaGO Talrand, Sky Summoner definitely fits. I should probably pick one up to swap in for Psychosis Crawler, or would you suggest a different card to take out?

Runechanter's Pike is good and goes along with Grafted Exoskeleton as sweet voltron win cons, but with my commander already representing a 3 turn clock, I decided against these in favor of evasion effects like Dragon Wings and Whispersilk Cloak. Also, it doesn't synergize super well with my favorite alternate win con Metallurgic Summonings.

Laboratory Maniac I can't be bothered with because he is too much of a build around. Jace's Archivist, Windfall and the like act more as support for him than they do for Nezahal, Primal Tide. I think a lab man build is fine and an awesome blue mage way to win, but this deck is for Nezahal and I use Memory to actually restock my library if it is getting thin in the late game.

Thanks for the suggestions!

multimedia on U/B Control

1 month ago

Hey, you have a good starting build here, but the numbers on some spells are off as well as not enough lands in the manabase. The main thing you recognize that's good for Control is Torrential Gearhulk. Gearhulk only works with instants meaning sorceries are not part of the plan. If you can build a main deck of completely instants than it will be better with Gearhulk.

Lots of main deck discard with Gearhulk is not good. In fact the only discard I suggest you play is 3-4x Duress, but only in the sideboard. Speaking of sideboard if you want to play this deck at FNM and do well you'll need a sideboard. You currently don't have one.

First lets look the manabase. 20x lands is not enough land for Control; 26x lands is the normal for Control decks. The reason for this much land is Control thrives on making a land drop each turn because the more land you have the more opportunities you have to cast spells. Being able to cast two spells or more in a single turn is a goal that a Control player is going for. Glimmer of Genius is the jumping off point for blue Control you want to cast it turn four because this gives you a huge advantage in a game. The only way to consistently cast it turn four is to play a lot of land. You want to make a land drop each turn for the first four turns minimum. In some instances if you miss a land drop in the first four turns then that's it, you'll fall too far behind in the game and lose. It's better to have more lands, draw more lands than not having enough.

Lands I suggest you add depend on the budget. What is the budget you're going for? High or low? For instance Fetid Pools is the other good dual land to add, but it's for a high budget. An alternative to this is Submerged Boneyard which is bad compared to Pools, but is low budget. Either way I suggest adding 4x Pools or 4x Boneyard.

Before I continue here's a list of cards to consider adding:

Obviously if you have a lower budget then you will not being able to add all these cards such as Scarab, Azcanta and Contempt. This list is meant to give you an idea of how to improve the deck with a higher budget, but I've also added some low budget alternatives.

Cards to consider cutting:

  • 4x Duress move it to the sideboard
  • 4x Scrutiny possibly move it to the sideboard
  • 3x Rot
  • 4x Pierce
  • 4x Opt
  • 2x Gonti move it to the sideboard

On the basis that you should consider adding 6x more lands you need to cut 6x spells from the deck. I suggest beginning with cutting the discard spells.

Good Gearhulk Control main deck core:

  • 4x Push
  • 4x Censor
  • 4x Disallow
  • 4x Glimmer
  • 3-4x Gearhulk

The core are cards that are played as 4ofs and the only cards other than lands in the main deck that I recommend be played as 4ofs. You want to draw multiplies of them in a game and in some instances you want some of them in the early game such as Push and Censor therefore it's best that they're 4ofs to consistently draw them in the early game. Disallow is the best mid to late game counterspell and Glimmer is the cornerstone, the draw engine of the deck.

Support removal to consider adding:

Vraska's Contempt is a very good instant spell right now in Standard. It's unconditional creature or Planeswalker exile with adding lifegain. A spell like this is currently unmatched in power in Standard especially when you can flash it back for free with Gearhulk. Contempt or it's budget alternative Hour of Glory are very much wanted with Control because of the domination of the Gods: Hazoret the Fervent and The Scarab God. These creatures can only consistently be killed if they're exiled. The Gods are not the only reason to play Contempt there's a lot of just very annoying powerful creatures and Planeswalkers that are better exiled then put in the graveyard.

Hour of Glory is the best low budget Contempt because it's also four mana, instant and unconditional exile. It can't however exile a Planeswalker only a creature and it doesn't gain you life, but these are the reasons that it's low budget.

The fact of the matter is creatures dominate Standard, more specifically red creatures. Red creatures usually means aggro and preparing the main deck to combat aggro is the build direction I suggest. Craving not only can potentially kill something, but also gain you life which is what you want in aggro matchups especially red where you have to also deal with burn spells to the face. Commit is a fun card as a 1of with Gearhulk. You can flash it back and cast Memory for free refilling your hand at instant speed because you're casting it from the graveyard this interaction works even though Memory is technically a sorcery, but Commit is an instant.

Support counterspells to consider adding:

Censor and Disallow are the two most important main deck counterpells third is Essence Scatter and fourth is Supreme Will. You're already playing 3x Scatter that's good it's a good number. I suggest adding a couple Will because the card is never really dead because of it's modes. It can counter something in the mid to late game or if you don't need that you can use to to dig for an answer, Glimmer or Gearhulk. I don't think Spell Pierce is a good main deck card for Control because it can't in anyway interact with creatures and creatures much more than spells are the problem cards for Control for game ones. 3x Negate however should go in the sideboard because it's amazing in Control matchups or matchups where you know that a certain noncreature card is going to be a problem such as a Planeswalker, artifact, enchantment or Approach of the Second Sun, etc.

If this advice was helpful I have more suggestions and advice about the sideboard. Let me know if you like me to continue.

Good luck with your deck.

smashadams83 on [PRIMER] Unesh, ex Machina!

1 month ago

Great job on the primer. I really like the synergy of this deck. Ive been experimenting with unesh as well. Ive been running Vizier of Many Faces (can be cast from graveyard) and Identity Thief (can flicker a sphinx for card draw) but they seem like the weakest creatures in the deck. What do you think of them?

I also included a few ways to shuffle my graveyard back into the library to prevent decking instead of using eldrazi (Elixir of Immortality, CommitMemory, and Time Reversal).

What do you think of some anti draw cards like Omen Machine and Uba Mask? I feel like these can put us ahead as we have so much card advantage and dont actually need to draw cards due to the unesh effect. I would like to improve my mana rocks eventually so Im stuck with budget ones for now. I feel like I need to fix my instants from 1 time effects to repeatable effects like some of yours(crystal shard/proteus staff), add more untap effects, and some removal and/or steal effects.
Im sort of lost on what to change though. Some cards I like from your build and would like to incorporate into mine are : vedelkan orrery, shackles, crystal shard, voltaic key, duplicant, fabricate, whir of invention, tezzeret, empyrical plate, clock of omens, trophy/trinket mage.

Would you be willing to look over my list and give me some suggestions? Heres my deck Unesh, A Riddle of Sphinxes

Soulus101 on Sanity Swallower

2 months ago

The deck is more of a combo deck than a mill deck. The goal of a combo deck is to find the pieces, so being able to cycle Compelling Argument is a big plus.

I also have Abandoned Sarcophagus which lets me cast it from the graveyard. This means I could potentially cast it twice (before and after Sarcophagus hits the field) for 10 (or more with Fraying Sanity, compared to 6 with the minister (a difference magnified by Sanity). So even if I get Lost Legacy'd and have to resort to traditional mill, the instant is better.

As for Commit, it's there to counter the uncounterable (specifically Carnage Tyrant. In reality that's not been as much of an issue as I thought. Bear in mind though, that the combo will mill an entire deck with pieces on the board, so I could cast Memory, swing with fish and mill everything.

BS-T on Ojutai Tokenslinger

4 months ago

You've got Distortion Strike and probably better Slip Through Space for good evasion.

For flavour and more birds from Dovescape you could use Taigam’s Strike instead.

Clarification needed on whether Dovescape checks for total CMC of split cards but something like Commit/Memory is good support if so - and/or Dusk just because.

In the same vein, Retribution of the Meek, Fell the Mighty and Kirtar's Wrath are good wipes for token decks along with Austere Command that you already have.

Rex_JB24 on Bant Turbo Approach

4 months ago

These were my thoughts as well, I often found that I would draw Spring and want Mind but not want to cast Spring to get it. I love your list, but I do have suggestions for you to consider. Commit and Censor. Commit is good as a sideboard card and offers the occasional reset of your Fog-like effects with Memory. Censor is fantastic mainboard on the play, and a little worse on the draw in game 1. The additional bonus of cycling can add some speed to Approach.

MrMerrey on Paradox Engine

5 months ago

Thank, I've considered Crook of Condemnation for the sideboard as I can recur it once set up, but I've generally already won by the time I get a nice big recursion up. The main issue I have is I really need Memory to refill my library as you can easily mill yourself here if you're not careful, so Sentinel Totem can ruin your own plans.

Aethersphere Harvester is a interesting suggestion, Shielded Aether Thief is mainly there to block not draw cards, so the energy is a little redundant. I test this but I may struggle to crew the Havester with only 4 creatures?

Ramunap Red is my main problem hence the very low end cards in the sideboard, It has quickly beaten this deck a number of times. God Pharoah's Gift & Approach are such a good match ups though, They are slow enough that I can get set up and then I have enough Mana to out control both of them, Grixis or U/R control that a little more hands on are tougher matches.

Force_of_Willb on Hazoret's Dream Halls

5 months ago


1) Lower Grapeshot to 1-2x as you don't want it in your opening hand and only want to see it comboing out

2) Simian Spirit Guide is better than Desperate Ritual or Pyretic Ritual as it can be used on turn 1 and still nets 1 mana like the other spells. I understand if the guide is not a budget choice. Its still all about getting double blue to cast dream halls. maybe High Tide might be better....?

3) Not to keen on Saprazzan Skerry or Sandstone Needle, how has your experience been with them?

4) Improve Card Draw - 1st you need draw to find the dream halls, then there's a high chance for stalling as most your card draw doesn't net any card advantage after paying the discard cost. reconsider draw cards that net 1-2 cards after replace itself and discarding to cast: keeping budget in mind because ancestral recall/visions would be good.

Jace's Ingenuity, Tidings, Careful Consideration, Opportunity, Concentrate, Mystic Confluence, Overflowing Insight

Foresee, Ugin's Insight - cycle away lands to ensure what you draw is good

or more wheel effects like Reforge the Soul or Wheel of Fate. Personally I think commit//memory could work as you can pitch Commit to cast something and then cast Memory from the grave.

5) Lastly, maybe add 1x Enter the Infinite, Omniscience or Swarm Intelligence for after you get a dream halls to ensure you don't stall

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