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I'm just going to say this first: if I call my commander Rafiqi instead of Rafiq, sorry, my playgroup thinks it's funny, since Rafiqi was that monkey from The Lion King and there is a lion in the background of my commanders art. The name caught on and at this point its instinct- sorry :). Anyways, this a pretty simple (but very effective) Voltron deck, using an underplayed Voltron commander that works much better than many would typically think. Many people diss my commander deck, saying it's not "proper Voltron" but they tend to think differently after they get recked. Anyways, my goal is obviously the same as any other Voltron deck, but rather than basing it on Auras or Equipment, my goal is more of a speedy win. I tried Aura decks and equipment decks, but in the end, a combination of both of the above with pump spells worked the best for me. I use one-time use pump spells (along with some cheap Aura's and equipment) to play Ramp Spells, cast Rafiq of the Many (my commander) turn 3, then play 2-3 pump spells and an unblockable spell and win. That's an average turn 3-4 win (for 1v1). Works 95% time, though other 5% is because of missing land drops, which is the case for every deck. The biggest reason it's so effective is that there are no specific cards you need to win, rather cards that can help you win faster, in some cases. It is a very simple deck, that doesn't see too much played on the board, and yet extremely fast. There are great lands that help, fun synergies, great pump spells, sweet unblockable spells, and of course the best ramp in town.
Oh boy, if you read my bio you know this is my favorite part of the deck. Lands and mana are just so amazing they- sorry, it's weird I know. Don't ask. But let's start with lands. I have all three Bant filter lands: Wooded Bastion, Mystic Gate, and Flooded Grove. Personally (prepare yourselves) I don't really like the signets. gasps. screaming in audience. I know, I know, they are pretty good and useful, but personally I just don't like them. I prefer the filter lands :). Anyways, I also have all the three Bant shock lands Hallowed Fountain, Breeding Pool, Temple Garden, though I do wish they could become Alpha lands insert crying sound. I have the three Bant fetches as well: Windswept Heath, Flooded Strand and-. Oh wait. I don't have Misty Rainforest yet because I don't want to spend that when it could be spent on other cards I still need to get. Plus, with my luck as soon as I get it, it will become 20 bucks. But oh well. I have the three Bant check lands: Glacial Fortress, Sunpetal Grove, and Hinterland Harbor, as well as the three Bant fast lands, Razorverge Thicket, Seachrome Coast, and Botanical Sanctum, and last but not least I have the three horizon/pain lands, Adarkar Wastes, Horizon Canopy, and Waterlogged Grove. Gee that was a lot. Oh wait- I'm not done. I have some other helpful multi lands, like City of Brass, card:Primsatic Vista, Ancient Tomb, and much much more though I don't want to bore you with the details when you can simply check the decklist. As for ramp, I have pretty much the average stuff, Noble Hierarch (which happens to have exalted which is nice for Rafiqi!), Nature's Lore, and some more extra fancy ones I am going to get sooner or later. I do have fun with Selvala, Heart of the Wilds, where I pump Rafiqi and then pay a green to add like 10 mana, and play more stuff XD. That is always fun. I do also have Bloom Tender which happens to go infinite with Pemmin's Aura which was meant for Rafiq, but it a nice side effect. But there are many more up in the section titled "Ramp" so feel free to check that out!

You pump Rafiqi, than attack, but what happens if your opponents just block? Yes you could give it flying, but what if your opponents have fliers? I hated that about Voltron Decks, and since blocking was the main reason I continued to lose, I knew I had to do something about it. I would end up having so many pump spells, and then my opponents would just block, and I'd end up flipping the table. To avoid broken tables, I added a good deal of spells that can help Rafiqi give that Commander Damage without worrying about blocking. I understand these take up spots that could be well used in a commander deck for other cards, but having them can change the tides of most games. Again, the cards are pretty regular for unblockable spells, I have things like Slip Through Space, etc, etc. The full list is above under "Unblockable." Now pump spells are a bit more complicated. Many people have told me to cut most of my one-time use pump spells, and indeed I have taken out a few (or I am going to make the cuts later). However, I have left some of the better ones in, because without them Voltron takes a LOT longer. Some of the pump spells I kept are Berserk, Might of Old Krosa, and Might of the Nephilim. I have also found, that pump spells like Mutagenic Growth and Invigorate can come completely unexpected and are very helpful at most times. Some of the pump spells also give Rafiqi some protection like Vines of Vastwood and Blossoming Defense. Things like these are usually enough to kill my opponent in a 1v1, and sometimes two opponents in a full commander game, and sometimes, this is enough because the last player has already been taken out, but if it is just me and another player by the end, I usually need some more firepower. I have added Aura's and Equipment to this deck, (again some cuts I am going to make are seen below) such as Inquisitor's Flail, Blessing of the Nephilim, etc. Again, the full list is under pump spells.
That's pretty much the core idea of the deck, but there are some fun synergies and other common spells that can help along the way. I love Silent Arbiter and Stoic Angel, as they are based around the fact that I only attack with Rafiqi and none else, which can be helpful in screwing up your opponent's gameplan. I also have Sylvan Library and Mystic Remorafor the simple reason of card draw, and of course, removal and counterspells like Path to Exile and Swan Song. I also threw Mystical Tutor in because it can search for pump spells if I need or removal which can be quite helpful. Hunter's Insight is also quite fun, usually allowing you to draw around sometimes 18-20 cards in one turn, which isn't bad for three mana. Most of these cards though are meant for longer games, which 3-4 people. If you are only facing 1-2 players, you should sideboard these out for more pump/unblockable spells for a quicker win. Recently, I've been trying to add more of these long-game like cards. I just thought I should mention all that.

Thanks For Reading! If there are any questions or advice on the deck, shout it out below, I would love to know what people think! And if you want help on your deck, also feel free to comment it down below or mention it under my profile, I don't mind helping out people! Below, I have some future cuts I will make, and up above I have a list under the maybeboard that I would love feedback on. Any advice would be much appreciated. Also feel free to check out some of my other decks, A Deal with the Devil EDH, or The X Files EDH. Thanks, and have a great day!


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