Disrupting Shoal


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Betrayers of Kamigawa (BOK) Rare

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Disrupting Shoal

Instant — Arcane

You may remove a blue card with converted mana cost X in your hand from the game rather than pay Disrupting Shoal's mana cost.

Counter target spell if its converted mana cost is X.

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Disrupting Shoal Discussion

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on W: Disrupting Shoal, Darkslick Shores, ...

4 days ago

Title says most of it. I'm looking for 4x Disrupting Shoal and 3x Darkslick Shores. I have 2x Blackcleave Cliffs, 2x Creeping Tar Pit, and my binder. There's a lot of small things I'm looking for in my binder that can be filler.

I am also willing to sell my cards (especially the Blackcleave Cliffs). I can provide pictures if interested. I'll sell Blackcleave Cliffs for $35 each, plus $2 to ship with a tracking number.

Wurmlover on Mono Blue Control

1 month ago

may I suggest Disrupting Shoal? I have found it to be fantastic in mono-blue lists, thanks to the low average CMC of most of modern.

ZorrosRage on Tallowisp Spirits Magic Aids

2 months ago

from_concentrateTron matchup probably does need work on it side. Other than that it feels very solid.

Reach Through Mists although only good with Tallowisp it's too good to not pass up a occasional. Draw 1 get whatever card you need.

As for protection there is a lot of counters I think Kira, disrupting shoul, queller, and a lot of hexproof.

rancor has proven to be better than most think. Most of my creatures are still flying and does +2 and trample anytime.

Being 3 colors and 15 spells I didn't include Cavern of Souls it's a great card but I guess relying Mausoleum Wanderer Spell Queller and Disrupting Shoal in the side vs more controlling matchups.

What would you suggest overKataki, War's Wage?

Xica on Blue madness agressive

2 months ago

For me it seems that you want to build a deck that some would describe as aggro-control - its a somewhat related concept to the popular image of tempo decks - but instead of focusing the definition on the relative importance of resources, it defines the archetype as a deck that uses efficient (preferably evasive) early threats and protects them with permission spells.

However the archetype main prey are pure control decks - which are few and far between, and its weak to go wide aggro, and to combo decks that it can't disrupt. That is something to consider before on attempts to build such a deck in the current meta.

The mono blue decks based on this idea get 1 big benefit from sticking to one color. Disrupting Shoal - which is Force of Will, if you have a proper mana curve. With a healthy number of cantrips (Opt, Serum Visions... etc.), and draw spells (Chart a Course) you can reliably play high cmc spell on a low land count like yours, as they allow you to draw multiple cards each turn, thus you will have more opportunity to draw your lands - of yourse the card filtering they offer comes in handy to get the answers you need.
One such archetype has been explored before the banning of Splinter Twin & Gitaxian Probe - Ninja.....Delver

ej133 on DELVURG

2 months ago

Yo, guys, whaddup?

I just got some new cards and I'm running a test with 1 Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip and 1 Forked Bolt. I took off one land, as suggested.

I still couldn't get any Chart a Course neither Disrupting Shoal, but they're on my watchlist. These look really decent here.

I'm having such a good time playing this, so I really want to push temur tempo-ish delver into my competitive modern metagame.

Keep in touch!

Xica on

2 months ago

There is no need to be so salty.
I don't get why "tempo deck" would be an insult.

However hand disruption and soft counters like remand are bad for control decks. How exactly will playing Duress on an empty handed tron player, stop him from casting the Karn Liberated that he will draw next turn? what about Scapeshift?
Will you win thanks to Remand, if you delay game loss by a turn?

If you play control with its big win conditions, you need to reach the mana to cast them. Loosing, because the deck plays cards that are close to dead mid to late game, doesn't help this goal.

No one in his/her right mind plays bounce like Vapor Snag, if they have access to removal like Fatal Push.
Tempo is not tempo because it suboptimal cards.
Tempo/aggro-control plays strong early threats, and protects them, and clears the board for them, via similar spells to what control plays. Due to the fact that it beats face from the beginning, it can afford to play more lean answers, like Remand, as its more likely that they will not face their drawbacks (the remanded card being casted again before they win). At the same time the discount on spells like Mana Leak makes them much easier to hold up early game, at the same time as you execute your own game plan.

"Control decks tend to have a lot of removal, hand disruption and of course counter magic."
And this is not the reason why people call them control decks - as midrange decks could just as well be called control, by this criteria. For example its not rare to see old school jund decks playing more disruptions spells than UW draw-go control. Is jund a control deck then?

P.s.: Vapor Snag and its 1 cmc cousins are played over removal for a single reason. They are blue.
They can be pitched to Disrupting Shoal - or be played in mono blue decks, that are built for challenge, or to be cheap.

speck2993 on Metamorphosis [[Primer in the Making]]

2 months ago

Neat deck.

For the mainboard, I'm a bit worried about your manabase. This deck desperately wants to play a cantrip T1 into a counterspell (probably Remand) T2, and your odds of drawing the mana to do that, accounting for mulligans, are only about 75%. You're pretty low to the ground, and if you can cast your cantrips you should be able to find what you need, but a land count of 22 or 23 seems more appropriate for this deck. It also seems like you might be a bit slow to combo; you need 5 of your 20 lands to even cast Polymorph, and it won't often be safe to tap out on Turn 5, so it seems like you'll be idle for 7-8 turns, which could be dangerous.

I really like the inclusion of Cloudform and Runechanter's Pike; the kill out of nowhere with Inkmoth Nexus seems pretty plausible if you get a chance to pike it. Disrupting Shoal also seems like a brilliant way to protect your combo if you get into a counter war, since you'll probably have left over cantrips, so it can hit a Spell Pierce for free.

With that in mind, here are the changes I might make:

First, I would cut 2 Blinkmoth Nexus for 2 Faerie Conclave, just to make sure we can hit our consistently. I think there might also be reason to cut a Thirst for Knowledge; most of the time, I think this deck can't afford to tap out on Turn 3, which means we're looking for an EoT Thirst; I also don't think you want to be discarding Pike, especially if you're in dig mode. The extra slot makes room for a third Faerie Conclave, so the deck is on 21 lands and 9 manlands. I think this deck could also benefit from the Training Grounds + Umbral Mantle combo, considering that it's playing so many manlands; if you combo of G1, they'll board in a bunch of hate, and they probably won't see a different combo coming. I'm not sure exactly what could be cut here. You'd be adding a redundancy combo, so losing Emmy to Cloudform wouldn't be as much of a risk; that might allow you to cut an Emrakul; you might also be able to cut some Cloudforms, and then see if it's possible to shave combo protection.

All of this is sort of half-baked, though; I'm sure you've thought about at least some of these things, and that there are good reasons for omitting them. The only think I really think will be a problem is the low land count.

Also, although I'm not sure how this would go exactly, this deck could probably make a splash. The three main contenders are white (for incredible sideboard options, Path to Exile, and Myth Realized, which I think would be great in a Polymorph deck), green (for Khalni Garden, which was a major piece in the original Extended Polymorph deck, along with Beast Within and some ramp), or black (for Fatal Push, discard to protect your combo, and maybe Bitterblossom).

As for the sideboard, I have a few ideas. First, I've had a lot of success with Gigadrowse in mono-blue sideboards; if you topdeck it, it pretty much buys you a turn, and bringing it in against other combo decks could work here. I would also play some Swan Songs (maybe even in the mainboard); they protect your combo, stop your opponents from shredding your hand, and can give you Polymorph targets in a pinch. Pongify and Rapid Hybridization are good creature removal, and Hibernation actually wins a lot of games when your opponent doesn't expect it. Beyond that, it's hard to say; if your LGS has a decent number of Affinity players, you'll need the full set of Hurkyl's Recall to stay competitive, but otherwise you probably can't afford the slots. For now, I would suggest that you get 20 or so generic blue sideboard cards, then look into more specialized cards if there are specific decks you need to beat.

(I'm not sure if checking or unchecking suggests on this site, so you may get a ton of extraneous suggestions from this comment. Sorry about that.)

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