Burning Prophet


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
War of the Spark (WAR) Common

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Burning Prophet

Creature — Human Wizard

Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, Burning Prophet gets +1/+0 until en of turn, then scry 1.

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Burning Prophet Discussion

VaalVanir on The Pie Raker's Army

2 months ago

TwinStags Here are the cards you want opinions: Oblation Stuffy Doll Silverclad Ferocidons Crack the Earth Misguided Rage ( Phalanx Leader Anax and Cymede tokens with Young Pyromancer Launch the Fleet Monastery Mentor Akroan Crusader Vanguard of Brimaz ) Goblinslide Tenth District Legionnaire Burning Prophet and I'll give you my opinions.

Oblation : This is a great card! For 2 and a White you exile a token and get TWO LANDS!! VALUE!! Until you run out of basic lands to fetch. Then you're getting rid of 1 creature threat at a cost of giving two lands to only ONE of your opponents. ChibiNature's explanation for getting rid of Oblation is higher up on this thread. But Oblation only does so much for 3 CMC. Compare to other spells that is in this deck, that is also 3 CMC, Oblation is a clear choice to cut. BUT, if you are going the TOKEN route for your EDH deck then this is good. Not great, only good.

Stuffy Doll Silverclad Ferocidons : These two are basically the same effect, hurt them and they hurt our opponent. So the question becomes 'How many 'Direct Damage' spells are we going to run? The answer: Not enough. These two cards do not justify the amount of direct damage spells we need to run to kill our opponents.

Crack the Earth Misguided Rage : These cards have no synergy with Feather, the Redeemed , there is no value because we can't replay these cards unless we do graveyard recursion which is a host of other cards that is NOT in Boros colors.

Phalanx Leader Anax and Cymede tokens with Young Pyromancer Launch the Fleet Monastery Mentor Akroan Crusader Vanguard of Brimaz ) Goblinslide : This is actually a good idea, make a bunch of tokens and just spew all over our opponents faces. This is probably the 2nd best way to play Feather, the Redeemed . It does need a lot of setup and luck in drawing your creatures and spells. I can see an aggro deck that snowballs very fast. You'll be enemy #1 very fast. But can you bounce back after a boardwipe? How many turns will it take for you to rebuild your army of tokens? What about the balance of number of creatures to number of pump spells? How are you going to protect your tokens from being wiped?

Tenth District Legionnaire Burning Prophet : Scrying is nice. Drawing is better. For example you cast a spell onto Tenth District Legionnaire and you scry and decide to keep that card on the top. What happens to the next spell you cast onto Tenth District Legionnaire . If it is a pump spell, then it's better to cast it onto Zada, Hedron Grinder and pump ALL your tokens instead of only Tenth District Legionnaire . The same argument goes for Burning Prophet as well. My opinion is that Burning Prophet is better than Tenth District Legionnaire

You are missing two other ways to play Feather, the Redeemed . Have you looked into Flicker playstyle using Cloudshift and Otherworldly Journey ? Have you seen Zealous Conscripts and Stonehorn Dignitary ? Imagine casting Cloudshift onto Stoneforge Mystic ! ProTip: Use Zealous Conscripts to grab an enemy creature, then cast Cloudshift onto the creature you stole... that creature is now yours until it dies, not until end of turn!

TwinStags on The Pie Raker's Army

2 months ago

Also, add Goblinslide to that list

Any thoughts on the scry benefits from Tenth District Legionnaire or Burning Prophet . Tenth probably not because it needs direct.

(Mostly bothering you because you’re actively play testing and making changes)

sdh101 on Mono red War

2 months ago

I think that Burning Prophet doesn't really have a place in this deck. It's a 2 drop that's replacing Viashino Pyromancer and I think that the pyromancer is better for this kind of deck. Burning prophet helps you go long, but pyromancer has pseudo haste and I think that outweighs the highs of Burning Prophet .

I also think that Risk Factor isn't as good as some more Skewer the Critics . Skewer is more efficient with all of your creatures.

I think that the obvious comparison for Chandra, Fire Artisan is to Experimental Frenzy . Frenzy has a much higher ceiling, and at first I thought frenzy was the correct choice. But chandra guarantees some amount of damage. I think there is an argument for a version with Burning Prophet and frenzy to scry away extra lands, but I don't think any optimized list has Chandra, Fire Artisan and Burning Prophet together.

Cool deck, and I'm excited to see what the final version looks like once everyone finds the final list.

magicharm on Izzet Wizards (War of the Spark)

2 months ago

If you are willing to go slightly higher on your mana curve I would recommend God-Eternal Kefnet . I know its not a wizard, but its ability to copy the instant and sorceries you get on your Draw Phase synergizes well with Adeliz and specially so with Burning Prophet since she can scry spells to the top. Either way since your deck is more mid-range than aggro Kefnet can also help by just being a big flyer thats difficult to get rid of and can also block things like Rekindling Phoenix . I feel like putting 2 in and taking out some Augurs or Stormtamers would be fine.

pauatro on Agressive people

2 months ago

Nasser_inside1 If you like the mana curve that you have now, Burning Prophet could have a slot in the deck in exchange for Viashino Pyromancer , but that is probably something you should test during some time. Maybe doing a 2/2 split to see which one is better and then you can decide? Heartfire could be in a similar position that I just described but with Risk Factor . It is a more conditional spell that requires you to have a creature in play, so it may be better as a two-of in your deck. Time for testing! :)

pauatro on Agressive people

2 months ago

Nice deck! Cards that could be interesting from the new set are Burning Prophet as it interacts so well with Experimental Frenzy , and maybe Heartfire .

McToters on Feather's No Lightweight

2 months ago

Really nice list! Definitely more together than mine.

I love card choices like Burning Prophet and Tenth District Legionnaire . Those are dope. I also like Akroan Crusader as a way to make tokens! I’ll have to look for that one to add in.

I love Grapeshot and Long Road Home too.

You’ve reminded of a few cards I definitely have that i need to find like Shelter and Intimidation Bolt . Definitely better than some of the cards I’m currently running.

Not sure if you decided against it but i dont see Path to Exile in here. Could be a great add-in for ramp (obviously contextual if you dont have token generators) which could be a potential problem. So you may have already thought about that.

+1 Fellow Feather Friend!

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