Let's get Fat!

This Voltron Control shell wants to gain lots of life, get the ghost daddy fat, and keep the other major threats off the board.

This deck utilizes lots of repetitive, incidental life gain to feed Karlov until he is nice and bulbous. He can then swing for the kill or drain the enemies to death.

Since your group will probably like to pick on the fat man, we are packing lots of protection by way of swords and the Hammer of Nazahn. Note the Sword of Light and Shadow nonbos a bit with Mask of Griselbrand and Heliod, Sun-Crowned but you can always spread the love a bit to your other creatures if big daddy gets too full. If the bullies at the table manage to pop the piggy, The Ozolith is there to let him pick up where he left off.

Ashnod's Altar+Animation Module and any of the Soul Sister type effects make both you and Karlov infinitely obese.

In addition to doing our normal thing, Ashes of the Abhorrent and Trespasser's Curse can hate out players that rely too heavily on recursion or little dudes. Hasty creatures shouldn't be too big a concern with Authority of the Consuls and Blind Obedience.

Keep the nasty players' engines off the board with Karlov's activated ability or some of the other interactions in the deck and eat the opponents' lunch!

Feedback appreciated.


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