Riders on the Storm

Selesnya enchantment storm

This deck likes to play a lot of cards. If you can get a couple of enchantresses on the battlefield, you can pretty easily storm off with small enchantments and auras. Wincon is beatdown with combat damage, which shouldn't be a problem using cards like Ancestral Mask in combination with many cheap auras and break-through-power like Armadillo Cloak or Unquestioned Authority.

Creatures with hexproof are designated voltrons, but if you draw into an aura with hexproof, you could just aswell play an enchantress as voltron. Light-Paws, Emperor's Voice is a really good fit for voltron as you can quickly tutor up one of the hexproof auras.

If all your stuff dies, and you have a lot of good stuff in the graveyard, you can comeback with Open the Vaults or Brilliant Restoration.

If the deck halts to a stop, you can try to get back in with Bequeathal, Cut a Deal, Secret Rendezvous, or Harmonize.

The budet is ~100$ total, max 5$ per card (with exceptions). I use Cardkingdom prices

Suggestions are welcome :)

After a bit of playtesting, I have to say that this deck works pretty well. I am able to draw and play a lot of cards, and its pretty fun. However, Eidolon of Blossoms really shot me in the foot one game. I had ~20 cards left in my library, ~25 enchantments in my graveyard, and as I played Brilliant Restoration to super populate my board, I drew myself to death :'(. Because this easily can happen with both Brilliant Restoration and Open the Vaults, I have to let the Eidolon go..

OUT: Eidolon of Blossoms

IN: Heliod's Punishment

These might be easier to cast

OUT: Troll Ascetic and Witchstalker

IN: Dungrove Elder and Sacred Wolf

This deck worked pretty well in playtesting, but it could be nice with some more staples. Im adding some removal and utility lands++

OUT: Temporal Isolation, Dungrove Elder, Sacred Wolf, Forest, and Plains

IN: Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Overgrowth, Tectonic Edge, and Scavenger Grounds


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