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Purphoros, God of the Forge - Goblins

Commander / EDH Goblins Mono-Red



Cast Purphoros, then cast Goblins (and other creatures) to do 40 damage to each opponent!

This deck can be awkwardly slow at first sometimes, since there isn't a whole lot of ramp and Purphoros cost 4 mana. You also usually want to wait to cast most creatures until after Purphoros is in play, so he triggers for damage. So sometimes the first few turns are more or less waiting and preparing to cast Purphoros...

This deck is kind of low on card-draw so it can run out of gas sometimes, since it needs a steady stream of creatures entering the battlefield to work. However, I've avoided putting in many of the good red draw spells, as they are often instants and sorceries, and I really want to limit the amount of non-creature spells in the deck... I'd rather have permanents that can offer repeated draw over multiple turns.

Despite these shortcomings, this deck can be very fast, even doing lethal damage by turn 5 or 6. Once Purphoros on the battlefield, the race is on. The fastest wins are based on combos which basically generate infinite creature ETB triggers to trigger Purphoros infinitely. And although the deck is kind of low on ramp, there are some ways of getting a lot of extra mana at once, like Treasonous Ogre, Neheb, the Eternal, and Dockside Extortionist, which can lead to explosive turns. Often times these combos and explosive turns can come seemingly out of nowhere, catching opponents by surprise!

Once opponents realize how explosive this deck can be, it often becomes the arch-enemy since, if left alone it, will burn everyone out all at once. When opponents fight amongst each other, it just quickens their own end, so they're better off trying to kill Purphoros first.

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