This deck is the essence of a slow burn. I've pulled out anything that could give a sudden win. The only way to win with this deck is making your opponents watch your victory approach while they are powerless to stop it.

The deck was made as the polar opposite of how I usually make my decks. So it has no combos, lots of board interaction, and very slow win cons. It should play like a combination of a pillow fort, and draw-go. It has some counters, but not too many. I want opponents to still feel like they're playing the game, not just watching.

Currently giving it a few last look over's, maybe a revision or two, then getting it all ordered and I'll see if my ideas work like I hope they will.

Hoping that this is a deck I can run regularly at my LGS without my opponents groaning when they see which of my decks I've pulled out. (Unlike most of my other decks)

Suggestions very welcome.


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