Who likes fire?(crowd cheers) I know I do. Some people take offense when you catch their crap on fire though. So I built a Pillowfort to protect myself. I even caught part of it on fire!(crowd cheers again) Then I hired some Stuntmen to help spread the Flames. If I can convince them to wear their Fire retardant suites they can go all day without burning to cinders. Just don't tell the Cops I caught Timmy's yard on fire

Key Cards and Synergies

- Repercussion all-star enchantment almost always tutor for this. If this is on the board and something like Blasphemous Act hits. Every player will take 13 PER CREATURE. Add Gisela, Blade of Goldnight and it becomes 26 to creatures and 52 to players PER CREATURE: While you only take 6 to each creature and 3 to the face per creature.

- Repercussion + Malignus They can chump block all they want they are still taking the damage.

- Boros Reckoner creatures. There are some tricks you can do with these. Darksteel Plate + Guilty Conscience = infinite damage. Boros Reckoner + Darksteel Plate + Arcbond = infinite damage just make sure not to kill yourself, or do that can be fun too.

- Citadel of Pain + Manabarbs = take X damage per turn where x equals how many lands you control

- Malignus + Gisela, Blade of Goldnight = instant kill anyone without blockers, which is pretty easy with all the Earthquake ing.

- Pyrohemia another great card to search for. It's like drawing Earthquake every turn. Don't use any of the burn spells in hand until this bad boy is destroyed. It gets pretty brutal.

Pillow Breakdown

Use Academy Rector , Enlightened Tutor , Idyllic Tutor to search for the following to shut down specific decks.

Humility - pillow allstar destroys creature based combos. Gisela, Blade of Goldnight becomes useless but a Earthquake becomes a board wipe.

Price of Glory - shuts blue decks down, no one wants to counter something if the lands blow up

Stranglehold - pesky combo decks lose tutors/fetches and the ability to take more turns

Pariah - ridiculous if you have an indestructible creature.(or anyone else for that matter)

Blood Moon , Ruination - fetches and shocks are rampant in my meta.

Manabarbs - shuts down Palinchron type combos

Personal Sanctuary - stops me from hurting me.


Updates Add

Adding more aggressive/ instant speed removal to try to get the game to last long enough to cast Gisela, Blade of Goldnight

Kismet -> Humility - don't know why this wasn't already in here; it owns most creature based combos including the ones Kismet is stopping

The following were cut for being too passive, limited , or situational.

Circle of Protection: Red , Lightmine Field , Powerstone Minefield , Scourge of the Nobilis , Spirit Loop , Mogg Maniac , Stuffy Doll , Walking Atlas , Sphere of Safety , 1 Mountain

The following were added for aggression and speed

Crib Swap , Return to Dust , Rout , Darksteel Mutation , Grasp of Fate , Karmic Justice , Prison Term , Stasis Snare , Inheritance , Rest in Peace ,

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