kaalia, zenith seeker brew

infinite colored mana - worldgorger dragon + animate dead/ necromancy/ dance of the dead

wincon- kaalia + worldgorger(combo) + bogardan hellkite. worldgorger + exsanguinate, if your hellkite gets exiled you dump infinite mana into exsanguinate.

Has many turn 3 win hands

Opening hand- Dark ritual 3b, chrome mox w/ a color, lotus petal, final parting, blood crypt, command tower. Turn 2 draw mana crypt give you a win.

You will chrome mox for color lotus petal command tower summon cmdr. Turn two blood crypt untapped, mana crypt, cast chrome mox. Cast final parting putting worldgorger into the yard and animate dead to hand, cast animate dead on to worldgorger creating infinite mana and looping kaalia infinitely finding bogardan hellkite and rune-scarred demon. End the loop and cast rune-scarred finding one of the other two reanimate spells and hellkite, reanimate worldgorger again looping some more causing 5 ping damage to your opponents with each successive loop.

If for some reason our opponents know our deck and are able to exile hellkite to stop us from winning that route. We use the same hand but we stop at 50 mana on our mana loop. We will have found rune-scarred demon at that point. Cast it pulling exangunate from the deck and cast it for lethal.

If our opponents exile worldgorger from our deck then we go to the long game finding kiki-jiki and restoration angel to win with angel beats. Cast restore angel exiling another creature. Cast kiki to make a copy of resto angel bouncing kiki making infinite haste angels.


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