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Jurassic Park IMDB - An Entire Movie Reference

Commander / EDH Dinosaurs RGW (Naya) Theme/Gimmick


- JURASSIC MARK - Dinosaur Theme Park -

Spoiler Alert!!! This deck description contains vital elements to the plot of the 1993 film, Jurassic Park. If you have not yet seen this groundbreaking piece of American cinema, I strongly urge you to discontinue reading this description and get your ass in gear 'cuz that's lame - everybody's seen it. C’mon. For reals.

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The idea behind the deck is simple: Construct an EDH deck that references as many characters, plot lines, scenes, props, and quotes from the movie Jurassic Park through card names, types, text, abilities, and/or images. The general rule is to prioritize flavor over power without making this deck a completely useless pile of garbage. Keep in mind that while I am most definitely a Jurassic Park fan, I'm not some expert and I'm certainly not an expert with M:tG either. The primary focus was on the original film in the series, but there are definitely some references to characters, dinos, and scenes from some of the sequels as well. By all means, if you notice any discrepancies or have any thoughts/criticisms/suggestions please shoot them my way - I'm open to anything that could potentially increase the flavor and/or utility of the deck!



  • Dr. Alan Grant (Mwonvuli Beast Tracker)

  • Dr. Ellie Sattler (Daring Archaeologist)

  • Dr. Ian Malcolm (Worldly Tutor)

  • John Hammond (Feldon of the Third Path)

  • Lex & Tim Murphy (Curious Pair)

  • Dr. Lewis Dodgson (Veteran Explorer)

  • Ray Arnold (Goblin Engineer)

  • Donald Gennaro (Doomed Traveler)

  • Robert Muldoon (Tireless Tracker)

  • Dennis Nedry (Dockside Extortionist)

  • Dr. Henry Wu (Atla Palani, Nest Tender)

  • Sacrificial Goat (Pathbreaker Ibex)


  • Allosaurus (Regisaur Alpha)

  • Brachiosaurus (Cherished Hatchling)

  • Brontosaurus (Thrashing Brontodon)

  • Ceratosaurus (Silverclad Ferocidons)

  • Compognathus (Needletooth Raptor)

  • Dilophosaurus (Frilled Deathspitter)

  • Indoraptor (Ripjaw Raptor)

  • Indominus Rex (Carnage Tyrant)

  • Pteradactyl (Kinjalli’s Sunwing)

  • Pteranodon (Zetalpa, Primal Dawn)

  • Stegasaurus (Runic Armasaur)

  • Triceratops (Shifting Ceratops/Siegehorn Ceratops)

  • Tyrannosaurus (Charging Monstrosaur/Ghalta, Primal Hunger/Gishath, Sun’s Avatar)

  • Velociraptor (Marauding Raptor)

  • Velociraptor Hatchling (Raptor Hatchling)

  • Velociraptor Pack (Ranging Raptors)


  • Dominican Amber Mine Scene (Mox Amber)

  • Montana Digsite Scene (Fossil Find)

  • Nedry/Dodgson Meeting Scene (Trading Post)

  • Journey to the Island Scene (Smuggler’s Copter/Utopia Sprawl)

  • Welcome to Jurassic Park Scene (Azor’s Gateway/Jungle Shrine)

  • Mr. DNA Cartoon Scene (Eldritch Evolution)

  • Raptor Hatching Scene (Birthing Pod/Raptor Hatchling)

  • Raptor Pen Scene (Slice and Dice)

  • Tyrannosaurus Enclosure Scene (Beast Within)

  • Chaos Theory Example Experiment Scene (Chaos Warp)

  • Sick Triceratops Scene (Commune with Dinosaurs)

  • Tyrannosaur Breakout Scene (Pathbreaker Ibex/Shake the Foundations)

  • Nedry's Death Scene (Day of Judgment/Frilled Deathspitter)

  • T. Rex Chase Scene (Need for Speed/Charging Monstrosaur “Must go faster!”)

  • A Tree For My Bed (Treetop Village)

  • My Friend Brachiosaur Scene (Horizon Canopy)

  • Nest scene (Evolutionary Leap “Life…finds a way.”)

  • System Shutdown Scene (Crashing Drawbridge)

  • Gallimimus Stampede Scene (Overwhelming Stampede)

  • Fence Climb/Restoring Power Scene (Powerstone Minefield)

  • Muldoon's Death Scene (Ripjaw Raptor “Clever Girl.”)

  • Kitchen Scene (Beastcaller Savant)

  • Raptor Pursuit Scene (Relentless Assault)

  • T. Rex Rescue Scene (Finale of Devastation/Survival of the Fittest)


  • DNA (Manamorphose)

  • DNA Vials (Treasure Tokens)

  • Electric Fences (Powerstone Minefield)

  • Hatchery (Birthing Pod)

  • Helicopter (Smuggler’s Copter)

  • Jeeps (Cultivator’s Caravan)

  • Mosquito Amber (Mox Amber)

  • Park Entrance (Azor’s Gateway/Jungle Shrine)

  • Visitor Center (Command Tower)

Let me know what you think!


Updates Add

  • Was advised that a fully foiled deck would be on-theme with the classic “Spared no expense” line from John Hammond. Foiled quite a few “sure keepers” plus some other cheaper cards.

  • Upgraded the mana base quite a bit just for efficiency. Would LOVE some help picking specific lands or basic land arts that correspond with the flora of the island.

  • Added a Survival of the Fittest because of course.


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