Doomed Traveler


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battlebond (BBD) Common
Iconic Masters (IMA) Common
Archenemy: Nicol Bolas (E01) Common
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Common
Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed (DDQ) Common
Conspiracy (CNS) Common
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt (DDK) Common
Innistrad (ISD) Common

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Doomed Traveler

Creature — Human Soldier

When Doomed Traveler is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, create a 1/1 white Spirit creature token with flying.

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Doomed Traveler Discussion

WUBRG87 on Karlove One Another

4 days ago

hey, Endrobot! you asked me to come up with some cuts for the deck in return for upvotes, so here I am! hmm tough decisions here.. theyre all very synergistic, but I'll do what i can to the best of my ability. Reassembling Skeleton works well because you can sac,bring back and repeat as long as you have the mana but he doesn't have a death trigger. Hunted Witness , Doomed Dissenter , Doomed Traveler , Imperious Oligarch & Orzhov Enforcer are great low cmc creatures that synergize really well with teysa, but maybe theyre just not inpactful enough for EDH? i dont know you dont want to cut too many low cards. Plus, they all make tokens when they die and with teysa out, they make double tokens, with lifelink and vigilance so maybe just a few of those? maybe Batwing Brume ? its a cool effect and i see the synergy but i would put in a Path to Exile instead? Smothering Abomination works well too, and card-draw is essential. but his ability doesn't double trigger with teysa. plus, it seems like you have plenty of draw. Pitiless Plunderer is good..good ramp..but if youre gonna run him id throw in a Revel in Riches as an alternate win-con. but what Kiba said: it is better at flash speed. a Vedalken Orrery would be great if it wasnt $30. i only own one now im considering putting it in my teysa build instead of my new chainer deck. hmm more cuts more cuts... if youre gonna keep your deck low to the ground and not take out all of those two drops like i said (which cutting low cmc cards may be a bad idea, i'll admit) then you could afford to cut a couple lands? you have ramp with Solemn, the hart, all the rocks and the plunderer. it shouldnt be too bad cutting at least one or two lands. especially with the new mull rule. Sorry. I'm all over the place with my suggestions. I certainly hope I was atleast some help. Please let me know what you end up doing! im curious now. and i like what you got here, btw. +1 from me!

multimedia on Tokenz for Dayz

1 week ago

Hey, think about how you can get more value out of Teysa with the token strategy?

I'll give you four card examples within the budget to mull over:

I offer more advice if you would like. Good luck with your deck.

ephraimctr on Bloodlord Aristocrats

3 weeks ago

Unfortunately I am restricted by a budget. I use all of my “good” RB lands for my Hellbent on Reanimation legacy deck since it’s the one I play most often. So I am stuck with Cinder Barrens .

I really want to get some Priest of the Forgotten Gods for the deck. I’ve considered Judith, the Scourge Diva and Cruel Celebrant but initially dismissed the life drain effect since I like be more aggressive with cards like Falkenrath Aristocrat . I’ll definitely look into getting a few copies of them both.

I thought about using Fatal Push , but for my playgroup meta Tragic Slip is going to more effective against my groups Dino and indestructible focused decks. Spark Harvest replaced Bone Splinters since my playgroup uses a lot of planeswalkers. Dreadbore could be good so I’ll keep an eye out for those as well. My main goal is to get two more copies of Falkenrath Aristocrat and focus on sacrificing the humans like Doomed Traveler and Hunted Witness . Seraph of the Scales is awesome, but is also out of my budget. I like having Martyr of Dusk just in case my opponent has a way around Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet ’s zombie engine and it’s saved me a few times. Same with Shamble Back but I am looking for a better alternative since I don’t always have a creature ready to exile for it.

Thank you for the recommendations!

multimedia on Teysa karlov, lady of pain

1 month ago

Hey, you're welcome. I like the changes and good job finalizing.

Unfortunately, a deck is never complete ;) There's always something you can do to improve, but that's a big reason that Magic is so fun. For instance now that you have added Lark + Guide you can improve their interactions with other cards. There's several creatures who added to the combo can be helpful. Depending on your playgroup some of these cards and infinite interactions could help you against certain decks.

Lark + Guide + sac outlet creates a dying loop within this loop you can add other creatures to it. Of course if you add an aristocrat then you win the game, but there's other interactions that are also good, not game ending. Solemn Simulacrum if added to the loop then you put all of your basic lands onto the battlefield tapped and draw the rest of your deck. Doomed Traveler makes infinite Spirits tokens. Pawn of Ulamog makes infinite Eldrazi Spawn tokens. These are just some of the interactions that you're already playing, but there's other creatures who when adding to the loop are just as powerful.

  • Plaguecrafter makes your opponents sac all their creatures/Planeswalkers and discard their entire hands. For you all Plaguecrafter is doing is sacing itself each time it's reanimated.
  • Reliquary Monk destroys all your opponents artifacts and enchantments.
  • Remorseful Cleric exiles all your opponents graveyards.

These cards are all good outside of the combos and that's important. For instance Plaguecrafter is a source of a sac and his ability is very good in multiplayer Commander. Reliquary Monk has a dies ability (put into a graveyard from play = dies before dies was a keyword in Magic), interaction with Teysa, triggering her letting you destroy any two of combination artifacts/enchantments. Remorseful Cleric is no mana cost sac to exile an entire opponent's graveyard which can be used at instant speed if Cleric is on the battlefield. That's a helpful thing to have against many decks in Commander.

Fiend Hunter is a good card with Lark because these two and a sac outlet also create a dying loop. This combo doesn't need Guide. Hunter can exile Lark so when Hunter is saced then Lark returns to the battlefield, saced, reanimating Hunter, creating the loop.

Altar of Dementia + Lark + Guide is a infinite combo to mill all your opponents libraries on your turn therefore when your opponents have a turn they die because they don't have a card to draw. Dementia is a nice sac outlet because it's a two drop, no mana cost to sac and it's ability can be helpful to self-mill which can result in creature fuel for Lark or Guide or other reanimation.

KibaAlpha on Teysa karlov, lady of pain

1 month ago

You should look at adding Bloodflow Connoisseur , Carrion Feeder , Spawning Pit , Viscera Seer and Altar of Dementia for sac outlets.

For sac fodder look to add Archon of Justice , Doomed Traveler , Doomed Dissenter , Myr Sire , Tithe Taker , Orzhov Enforcer and Ministrant of Obligation to name a few.

For card draw look to Midnight Reaper , Grim Haruspex and Greed .

Ramp using Burnished Hart and Knight of the White Orchid .

Recur your creatures using Phyrexian Reclamation and Malevolent Awakening .

Garruk's Wake wipes the board leaving your stuff intact then cast Command the Dreadhorde to take control what ever number of planeswalkers and creatures are in your opponents graveyard.

multimedia on Teysa aristocrat build

1 month ago

Hey, I play a $200 budget casual version of Teysa aristocrats, Lady of Death (Budget).

I play a few cards that are $5 or over especially Skullclamp . The main combo I play doesn't care about combat instead has interaction with sac outlets and can use creatures in my graveyard: Reveillark + Karmic Guide + sac outlet ( Viscera Seer ). When an aristocrat ( Zulaport Cutthroat ) is added to this combo it becomes a win condition doing infinite damage to all my opponents.

Lark is great because it can reanimate three parts of this combo: Guide, Seer and Cutthroat as well as Teysa (she has 2 power). Lark has interaction with Teysa; if Lark leaves the battlefield as a result of it dying then it triggers Teysa getting to then reanimate four potential creatures. With Teysa on the battlefield before Lark dies you can reanimate all the creatures for this combo at one time. You don't technically need all the creatures as part of this combo in your graveyard, but it speeds up the process when you can get them all into your graveyard to be reanimated.

Lark + Guide is flexible because you don't have to have Teysa on the battlefield to combo. You can instead reanimate two creatures each time, each iteration of Lark dying. Each iteration have to reanimate Guide which leaves one other creature to reanimate. Start with reanimating a sac outlet ( Carrion Feeder ). Then the next iteration of the combo reanimate an aristocrat ( Cruel Celebrant ) to complete the combo.

Lark + Guide can also be good with a token theme because there's many creatures who create a token who Lark can reanimate. Can instead of adding an aristocrat, add a token creator ( Doomed Traveler ) to make infinite Spirit tokens or Pawn of Ulamog to make infinite Eldrazi tokens. The token creator has to have 2 or less power so Lark can reanimate it. Afterlife creatures ( Tithe Taker ) you want them to die to give you token value and most of them can be reanimated with Lark. Lark + Guide + sac outlet ( Cartel Aristocrat ) gives you infinite reanimation of all creatures with 2 or less power from your graveyard.

ipsmo on

1 month ago


BW has always been a pet colour archetype and I like where this deck is going. A few questions arise thought when reading the decklist. First of all, your deck seems to contain 61 cards, which isn't really recommended. Also, you're running a lot of 3X time cards. I would rather see some cards go, staples of standard such as Hunted Witness or Dauntless Bodyguard , as they have little impact in modern. Better options exist in the current modern card pool such as Doomed Traveler

if you are going for a more aristocrats deck, maybe consider dropping Knight of the Ebon Legion as that card fits more in an agro style deck or vampire synergy.

A simple way to make aristocrats better is to incorporate token generators such as Lingering Souls .

If you're going for a more budget deck, than this is a good start but if you're willing to spend a bit more money in your aristocrat's deck, upgrading your removal package for Path to Exile and Fatal Push is a must-do. Mortify is too expensive (mana wise) and the idea of destroying enchantments isn't that relevant in a metagame that sees no enchantment theme decks. Even though you rejected the idea of buying shock lands due to price, I can assure you that having them in your deck can make a huge difference and is much-welcomed addition. if you're still not interested, consider some Caves of Koilos or Concealed Courtyard as a budget version.

I hope this helps you. I know mtggoldfish post a mardu version of aristocrats a while back so if you wanna be inspired, I recommend giving it a look.

kamarupa on Bant Stoic Control

1 month ago

Glad some of my suggestions were helpful! Alternatives to Beast Within/Generous Gift: Lignify , Reprobation . While not true removal, in some cases, these spells are actually better - for example, a Lignify on a Doomed Traveler would prevent an opponent from getting a token. The biggest downside to these spells is that protection spells would make the enchantments fall off. So their usefulness is relative to your local meta.

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Doomed Traveler occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.05%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%