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I'm Pako and sometimes Haldan ...

Commander / EDH RUG (Temur)


We are.


This is the first attempt at building a Pako and Haldan deck. Despite the high price, the list is not optimized to be competitive. In my playgroup this is not a problem.

The list will surely change. First temur build.

Please feel free to comment, to make any suggestions.

Play Pako as fast as possible and start accumulating future value. (turn 4 max).

Use Haldan and play exiled cards at instant speed with flash package.

Making Pako bigger and giving him evasion.

Use few creatures who cares about lands to finish the game.

Win with opponents cards, opponents combos and value built over the game.

Updates Add

Out : Reiterate


Fury Storm

Narset's Reversal

Fun but too inconsistent, too dependent on what Pako brings back.

In :

Harmonize : The deck wants more draw.

Steely Resolve

Yavimaya Hollow

A bit of continued protection in addition to counterspells.

As Foretold : Free Spells <3 And getting counterspells for 0 is pretty easy with this card and the cards Pako brought back.


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