WIP curr deck replacement notes: bought and waiting - White Sun's Zenith with White Sun's Twilight - Alliance of Arms with Rabble Rousing


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99% Casual


Date added 6 days
Last updated 2 hours

This deck is 1v1 Commander legal.

Rarity (main - side)

13 - 2 Mythic Rares

39 - 7 Rares

19 - 1 Uncommons

9 - 0 Commons

Cards 100
Avg. CMC 3.39
Tokens Angel 4/4 W, Angel 4/4 W w/ Vigilance, Astartes Warrior 2/2 W, Cat 2/2 W, Citizen 1/1 GW, Dinosaur X/X G, Emblem Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Food, Forest Dryad 1/1 G, Halfling, Human 1/1 W, Insect 1/1 G w/ Flying, Deathtouch, Ooze */* G, Pest 1/1 BG, Phyrexian Horror X/X C, Phyrexian Mite 1/1 C, Soldier 1/1 W, Soldier 1/1 W w/ Lifelink, Soldier 2/2 W, Spirit 1/1 C, Spirit 1/1 W, Vampire 1/1 W, Warrior 1/1 W
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