This is a Grimlock, Dinobot Leader and Grimlock, Ferocious King deck! Grimlock combines some of the most popular tribes into a single commander. This silver-bordered commander is a little complicated but fun and powerful. Grimlock Win!

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Twitter: JumboCommander

Email: [email protected]


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-1 Gahiji, Honored One main
+1 Grimlock, Dinobot Leader  Flip main
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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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Tokens Ashaya, the Awoken World, Dinosaur 3/3 G w/ Trample, Elemental 3/1 R, Emblem Arlinn Kord, Emblem Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh, Human 1/1 R, Insect 1/1 G, Insect 1/1 G w/ Flying, Deathtouch, Squirrel 1/1 G, Treasure, Wolf 2/2 G
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