“'Right,' he said uncertainly. His mind was grinding through the problem. She was a witch. Just lately there'd been a lot of gossip about witches being bad for your health. He'd been told not to let witches pass, but no one had said anything about apple sellers. Apple sellers were not a problem. It was witches that were the problem. She'd said she was an apple seller and he wasn't about to doubt a witch's word.” ― Terry Pratchett, Wyrd Sisters

A twist on golgari life gain/drain as I wanted this deck to be more of a spell-slinger deck than creature focused so I could play something different. I know Witherbloom Apprentice would be a better commander for PDH but; one, I keep my PDH decks EDH legal so I can play with other EDH decks and two, that card art is at a really disturbing angle.

So I have lots of intervention, land fetch and recursion spells with life gain, some creatures to help out or do Dina's work for her, a couple other creatures to block and such, a little protection and draw here and there and I have a suitable deck for my green tea repurposed deck box. :)

Still very much a work in progress and I welcome suggestions. Trying to make this deck alone cPDH.


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