Virulent Sliver

Virulent Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Sliver creatures have poisonous 1. (Whenever a Sliver deals combat damage to a player, that player gets a poison counter. A player with ten or more poison counters loses the game.)

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Virulent Sliver Discussion

Mortlocke on I Hope You Like Slivers

1 week ago

Always happy to see a Sliver deck, HCO_Guitars. I do have a few suggstions:

  • I'd reconsider the inclusion of Heartstone as it can also benefit your opponents as well. This deck is tagged as being "competitive", so you generally don't want to play spells that are a net benefit for the table - only for you. I'd suggest replacing the previously mentioned with either: Urza's Incubator or Herald's Horn.

  • Virulent Sliver is a wasted slot. Why? Because for you to actually win you'd need to have 10 separate instances of your creatures assigning combat damage to a single opponent for them to actually lose to poison damage. I do see that your deck has a few creature copy effects, but in my personal opinion you need a lot more copy effects for this to be a viable alternate wincon - even in a casual deck. I suggest cutting the card altogether for another counterspell effect like Counterspell, Swan Song, Dovin's Veto or Delay.

I think you could potentially lean in more on the creature copy subtheme of the deck and just go all in on a unique vision for Sliver tribal aggro, but that's just me. +1 for Slivers and good luck in your adventures piloting this iconic tribe.

Doombeard1984 on All hail...The Overlord

5 months ago

As Mortlocke said, I think Virulent Sliver is just too slow. Much more likely to combo out and kill with huge amounts of damage combined with my opponents board being decimated , or ETB effects, or triggers due to Spiteful Sliver and Blasphemous Act . At that point, a singular poison counter becomes moot. Thank you for having a look at my deck though, I really appreciate it. Any further suggestions, please let me know

Mortlocke on All hail...The Overlord

5 months ago

rennb1024, Poisonous is not Infect. From what your post is telling me, it appears you think the two abilities are equivalent - but they are not. Poisonous ( Virulent Sliver ) requires 10 individual instances of combat damage targeting a single opponent to secure a win. Infect is a substitution effect - instead of combat damage being dealt, opponents take poison counters equal to the creature's power. Unless you are facing only slow creature less decks, Virulent Sliver is not good in EDH (or alot of formats really).

TheoryCrafter on Everyone’s favorite: golgari infect

6 months ago

With cards such as Solemnity and Melira, Sylvok Outcast out there, resistance to counters is an inevitable problem. That is why I suggest cards with just poison as the ability such as Sabertooth Cobra and Virulent Sliver in addition to what you already have. These cards offer regular life loss as well as poison counters so its not an immediate capitulation if Solemnity or MSO enter the battlefield. While it doesn't specifically say poison, Fynn, the Fangbearer can give creatures with deathtouch, poison 2. You can boost this ability by adding Archetype of Finality to your deck.

Another card I hope you will consider is Ram Through . Since creatures with trample place their remaining damage after killing a creature onto a player, this will add extra poison counters--especially if they have infect and deathtouch.

Plus, in case one of your opponents grabs one of your creatures, you may want to consider any combination of Nesting Grounds and Power Conduit to remove -1/-1 counters and/or move around +1/+1 counters.

Another land to take into consideration is Karn's Bastion since it allows Proliferation.

Happy Hunting!

Coward_Token on Kaldheim official spoilers

8 months ago

Xianling69: this card is basically a double Virulent Sliver for your deathtouchers

Doombeard1984 on Getting Slivvy With It

8 months ago

So, let's have a look at the type of things you may want.

Lands: So, I can't afford OG duals really, but have found that shocks and fetches, coupled with the battlebond lands have kind of served me well. Fetches can get pricey, but you by no mean need them all. Having 5 or 6 fetches, all the shock lands (10 to 15 bucks each) and then filling it out with something like the battlebond lands can really sort you out. Cavern of Souls is always good, and can see you have one. Basically, lands coming into play untapped are much better. Quicker access to all that slivery goodness. Personally I would look to change those 3 colour tap lands and things like Rupture Spire piece at a time.

Ramp: So, as we are running 5 colour, we want to ramp and rock efficiently to get our board set ASAP. Chromatic Lantern is good, but I would replace the Pillar of Origins with an Arcane Signet. Its just better and less restrictive. For spells, Farseek, Nature's Lore, Three Visits and Skyshroud Claim all enable you to get land type lands. This will let you get your Breeding Pool or Godless Shrine as it has that land type. This is why shock lands (and to a lesser extent triomes) are so much better. You can even get these with the fetchlands too. Luckily, we also have Gemhide Sliver and Manaweft Sliver to turn all our slivers into our own Birds of Paradise

Slivers: So this is a big list here lol. I'm not going to try and write them all lol. I will say that I would cut several of the ones you have though. I would drop Virulent Sliver and replace with a Triumph of the Hordes. Combat tricks are good. Most of the Megantic Sliver effects I would drop I'm favour of things like Door of Destinies. Crystalline Sliver is great to protect your board a bit. Diffusion Sliver I can't see being relevant in a game of edh, and would rather take interaction like Counterspell etc. I think pairing back the creatures to the key ones is really important. Will free up space for stuff like card draw and interaction. Shifting Sliver is basically unblockable. Defo a good one. Necrotic Sliver means each sliver becomes a Vindicate at the cost of 2 and a sacrifice. Synapse Sliver is good to keep your hand full.

Other cards of note:

So just some good cards to consider.

Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Kindred Discovery card draw is important, The Great Henge your commander makes this cost , Phyrexian Arena again, card draw. Wrath of God, Blasphemous Act or other destroy boardwipes. If your stuff is indestructible, all good. Yawgmoth's Will pricey, but such a good answer if you are boardwiped etc. Patriarch's Bidding you are likely to pay off better than most.

I think that's all I got for now. Please look at other decks with slivers as well to get a good idea of the stuff out there. Hope this is a good start of things to look at

Spartansean765 on Slivers - Because why not be THAT guy

1 year ago

I get what you’re saying but it’s not specifically for Virulent Sliver. It’s more for attaching to another larger sliver like queen or overlord and hitting with them and 3 others to one shot someone. I will take that under advisement though. Thank you for the feedback.

Mortlocke on Slivers - Because why not be THAT guy

1 year ago

"Added Grafted Exoskeleton for some flavor in conjunction with Poisonous Sliver"

Virulent Sliver equipped with Grafted Exoskeleton dealing combat damage would play out in a weird way. First, the Sliver would deal 3 poison counters to a player, then an additional 1 poison counter after that - as the "All Sliver creatures have poisonous 1" is a triggered ability that would resolve after combat damage has been assigned to an opponent. Regardless, this is 100% pure jank and probably not the most efficient strategy to victory. Honestly, Virulent Sliver is designed to work in a format where there can be more than one instance of it on the board IMO. My recommendation is to cut both and put in some more cards that give you more interaction with opponents like Path to Exile, Hero's Downfall etc.

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