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Totentanz Totentanz

Totentanz is the new leader of this Aristoc-RATS deck, and he leads them into battle with his glorious Kazoo! With the general synergy and combos in this deck, it shouldn't take very long for your beautiful Kazoo to assemble a pack of rats.

From his youth as a professional Kazoo player, Totentanz knows at least one thing, and that's how to have... Kazoo

And that's the goal of this deck.

Rat Aggro Crazy

Aristocrat death cycle

Gollum, Patient Plotter + Reassembling Skeleton = Sac and Summon loop

Ayara, First of Locthwain + Thornbite Staff + 1 other creature = sac and draw

Marrow-Gnawer + Thornbite Staff + 1 rat = create rat legion


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