Gnat Miser

Gnat Miser

Creature — Rat Shaman

Each opponent's maximum hand size is reduced by one.

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Gnat Miser Discussion

channelfireball12345 on Exham Priory

1 year ago

I love to see Gnat Miser put to good use in a list like this one, and even though I'm well aware of its flavor connection to the theme of the deck, I unfortunately think it isn't likely to be very impactful for two reasons. First, it is already unlikely that your opponent will have many cards in their hand to begin with on account of the deck's discard suite. Even if you can play it in the dream scenario, which is turn one on the play, if your opponent has a land and a one drop, its effect becomes all but irrelevant for much of the game; this scenario is not made any more unlikely by the fact that pauper is a relatively fast, low-to-the-ground format, for the most part. Supposing you somehow happen to play multiples in the same game, I still think you're better off with a hard turn one discard effect such as that of Raven's Crime. Secondly, I think you need to be mindful of mana curve considerations, as currently you're running a whopping 26 one drops.

defamagraphy1 on Mono-Black Rat Swarm

1 year ago

There's also Gnat Miser in place of Drain Pipe Vermin as a solid one drop. Rat Colony in place of Swarm of Rats, Rotting Rats in place of Ravenous Rats, cut the Okiba-Gang Shinobi, for three as it guarantees you the discard, and you can use it with Pack Rat and bring it back. Nezumi Graverobber can take place of the whip, try to find a few slots for more. You can use this with Ink-Eyes and Marrow Gnawer alongside Pack Rat to bring them in, and allows you a little bit of a combo with Marrow Gnawer, Sacrifice it, make a ton of rats, bring it back. It'll help deal with graveyard based decks, and allows for some nasty interactions with Ogre Slumlord working as a one sided wrath. Then you need to find some room for Fatal Push and Thoughtseize/Inquisition of Kozilek/Duress and then with Piper of the Swarm you can take your opponents Eldrazi or whatever. With some sort of build like that it goes from being just aggro to synergizing with itself.

And outside of the disruption package can be purchased fairly low budget.

Balaam__ on Mono-Black Rat Swarm

1 year ago

Locust Miser and Gnat Miser are just vile when combined with Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek (or Duress).

Balaam__ on Rats off to ya!

1 year ago

Locust Miser or Gnat Miser might be worth considering. It would shift the focus of the deck, which might be counterproductive unless you committed fully to it. Maybe lean towards an 8-rack style build. Toss in The Rack and Shrieking Affliction and now the pressure’s on for the opponent.

Im just throwing out ideas; I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the direction you have it heading now. Rats can do a few different things in this game, it’s worth exploring though.

Epicurus on Rat attack

1 year ago

Good theme. A few suggestions...

  • You're not utilizing Rat Colony's capability to have more than 4 in the deck. Since you're foregoing extra copies of it, I'd say you should use Pack Rat instead.

  • Rotting Rats is exactly the same card as Burglar Rat, but with Unearth. Yes it makes you discard as well, but still I think worth it.

  • Nezumi Bone-Reader gives you a reusable, activated effect that turns all of your rats into Drainpipe Vermin; much easier to control.

  • I don't see how Gnat Miser is doing you much good in this deck, unless you're playing it on turn one. Even then, it loses potency quickly. I'd replace it with either Ravenous Rats or Rancid Rats, or maybe 2 of each.

I certainly do believe that you have a fully functional deck here. Essentially it's a tribal rat aggro discard deck. Low mana curve, plenty of discard. Play around with my suggestions and see how it feels.

Lamplighter on Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into

1 year ago

Thanks for the comment.

Very True, I did not think about taking Gnat Miser out as, like you said, is very situational.

I definitely like Changeling Outcast moving Throat Slitter to the mainboard might work after that change and adding Okiba-Gang Shinobi may help with discard as well. If that seems viable I really like Waste Not because of that mana and card ramp. I just need to figure out what is going to be taken out. Icon of Ancestry seems good, but im not sure how well it will fit if I am going more towards discard now.

How do you like Ayara, First of Locthwain (even though it is not a rat) as well as Piper of the Swarm and Nezumi Shortfang? I think the quickness of this combo can really come in handy. Create rat > gain 1 life/deal 1 point > sac rat > draw a card. All of that for 2 mana then having damage continue every turn they do not have cards in hand. (i.e. sort of like The Rack)

Lastly, I was looking at land Barren Moor or Castle Locthwain for card draw when I am really hurting for cards. Westvale Abbey  Flip can just be a late game win con if the game is at a stalemate.

Thank you again for the feedback and suggestions. I made a could of changes accordingly.

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Let's see what kind of trouble we can get into

1 year ago

I don't know how effective Gnat Miser is in this deck as it pretty situational. Perhaps Changeling Outcast would be a better fit here since it comes out just as quickly, is a rat, and is a better enabler of Ninjutsu. If you want to go heavier towards discard, I would suggest Waste Not as it provides some advantage regardless of what they discard. Icon of Ancestry can help pump and filter for more rats to your hand. Hope this helps.

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