Having put lots of multi-coloured decks together I finally wanted to make a mono-colour EDH deck. As I like building non-conventional decks the archetypal artifact or counter spell decks that you would normally associate with blue didn't really appeal and neither did a deck with an abrupt win condition e.g. Triskaidekaphile or Laboratory Maniac.

As such this tribal Sphinx deck aims to win by gaining control of opponent's key cards, simultaneously disrupting their play (not just by preventing the spells being played, as no one likes that) whilst giving me different possibilities of win conditions. As decks mostly have multiple ways of winning and with multiple opponents, card draw is a significant part of the rest of the deck provided by the Sphinx, turning scry into draw and thus keeping the gain control spells coming. The fact they are all flying and have decent amounts of attack/defence also helps but wouldn't stand up to big hitting decks which is where the gain control would help in this scenario.


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