I was inspired by the hot, delicious keyword soup on everyone's favorite Dissenter, and so this list is my first crack at building some synergy around her.

The focus of the deck is on abusing tap and untap effects, and places a secondary importance on taking advantage of the board haste granted by Samut, Voice of Dissent to do stupid combat shenanigans. Any suggestions or constructive criticism you have to offer is much appreciated!



Tiddilywinkus says... #1

April 19, 2017 8:59 p.m.

Aurelia, the Warleader, Archangel of Tithes, Masako the Humorless, Nullmage Shepherd, Reconnaissance, Akroma's Memorial, Mother of Runes and, funnily enough, Gideon, Martial Paragon would all fit in with your untapping shenanigans theme.

This is approaching magical Christmas land, but Mangara of Corondor could exile multiple things if you were able to untap him multiple times.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary has quickly become a staple for me in EDH and I would highly recommend it. One card being a source of smoothing out your draws and card draw is invaluable.

April 19, 2017 10:48 p.m.

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