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Saskia the Unyielding Suicide -- Budget EDH

Commander / EDH* Casual Four Color Jank Theme/Gimmick



ONE HUNDRED UPVOTES!!! Thanks so much guys! You all rock! In celebration, I am going to be playing this deck for an entire game night the next time I play. And if I ever reach 200 upvotes I will dedicate a lot of time to improving the deck.

Welcome to my most upvoted deck on TappedOut! This Saskia build jam-packs as much jank as possible into a Commander deck. Most cards that say "you win the game" or "you lose the game" are in this deck. This deck has so many win-conditions that your opponents won't have enough answers for every single card you play.

Please leave an upvote +1 if you like it and any comments on changes I can make, or (most importantly) any shenanigans I can add. I'd really like to hit 100 upvotes so please share this with your friends!

The deck started off with the realization that you can choose yourself with Saskia's ETB ability. So I wanted to get myself to 0 Life, and make my opponents suffer for it. Ways you can survive at 0 or less life are Platinum Angel, Angel's Grace, or Phyrexian Unlife. When you are at low life, you can use Repay in Kind, Soul Conduit, and Reverse the Sands to switch life totals with your opponents.
The simplest combo is Near-Death Experience and Wall of Blood (or Moltensteel Dragon if you're at an odd life total); activate the pay life ability on the end step right before your turn and you are likely to win on your upkeep. That is technically the only card in the deck that says "you win the game' but most cards have that errata in this deck :D
All the cards that say "you lose the game" are meant to be generously donated to your opponents. Immortal Coil, Abyssal Persecutor, Demonic Pact, Forbidden Crypt, Transcendence, all of these can be given to your opponents with Harmless Offering and Bazaar Trader.
If the end of game is in sight and you know you won't win, why let anyone win? Or if you simply feel like killing everyone in one swoop, this is for you. Heartless Hidetsugu can generally deal at least 10 damage to each player, so enchant that guy with Phyresis and everyone will die.
Stuffy Doll is a very unique card, and there are interesting ways to utilize its ability. Enchant or equip Stuffy Doll with Pariah or Pariah's Shield and you can insta-kill one player. Or you could enchant it with Phyresis and then play Blasphemous Act. That always works too.
The rest of the deck consists of ramp, tutors, removal, and recursion. Our win conditions cost a lot of mana so it is ideal to have at least some ramp in your starting hand. I personally own a Worldly Tutor but not an Enlightened Tutor so if you have one of those, you can find tons of your win-conditions with it, or stick with something cheap and easy like Diabolic Tutor. Removal is limited because I wanted to pack as many win-conditions in as possible, but one of my favorite cards of all time is Slaughter which also works towards bringing down your life total. And one final thing: make sure to use Final Fortune and Glorious End to confirm your victory on your next turn.
I personally consider a $100 Commander deck to be budget. However, cards like Worldy Tutor are expensive and really not necessary for the deck to function. Feel free (in fact, I am encouraging you) to make any changes to the deck you'd like if you decide to make this deck in paper or online. And please, leave links to any lists you create on tappedout so I can see what you did!

I've played this list a couple of times and overall my friends and I find this deck to be extremely fun. It is such a different strategy that it mixes up some game play. I hope you enjoyed the list; once again, please leave an upvote +1 if you like the deck.

Oh, also, a lot of people have asked if it's okay to take ideas from this deck. And yes, please do! Enjoy!


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