Glorious End


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Mythic Rare

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Glorious End


End the turn. (Exile all spells and abilities on the stack, including this card. The player whose turn it is discards down to his or her maximum hand size. Damage wears off, and "this turn" and "until end of turn" effects end.)

At the beginning of your next end step, you lose the game.

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Glorious End Discussion

Xica on Modern Build-Around Cards

6 days ago

Madcap Experiment + Platinum Angel can be quiet brutal.
It plays real nice with Pact of Negation, Glorious End & Earthquake

Ending the turn exiles everything from the stack, spells, abilities - even ones that "cannot be countered")

usurphling on 4,5-Colour New Perspectives Combo

1 week ago

its so funny that this deck once lost to saffronOlive's Naya Glorious End by making his opponent do the new perspectives combo and end it with Glorious End making his opponent waste his efforts lol. watch the match here

anyway, there is one card that you forgot to add and i think this is one of the best cycling cards right now - Hieroglyphic Illumination. other than that, this is your usual new perspectives combo deck...just add more untapped lands so that you can answer early game threats using censors and haze.

but in this metagame full of creatures, i would suggest to add more answers early game. i understand you have censors and haze but adding a sweeper or two wont hurt because they usually try to overrun you preventing you to pull your combo. so Sweltering Suns (which has cycling too) wont hurt you in the main.

when i made this deck, i made this in sultai colors because i just dont like to be greedier by adding another color...also i have Torment of Hailfire as an alternate wincon by cycling and tapping for more mana and making a lot of mana to cast it...maybe you may consider that card as another wincon.

hope it helps!

LTmiller on [[Primer]] - Daretti the Degenerate (On Hiatus)

3 weeks ago

Sorry it's been awhile guys, wisebrandon123 it's not in here simply because this isn't a stax list, this is just his version of the deck.

Angry_Fister Platinum Angel used to be in here but was cut to make more synergistic plays/combos. As for Glorious End I think that's a meta call, in a super competitive meta it'd be hilarious to cast that while an inexperienced player tries to win via labman and exile his triggers on the stack as I've found all the lab maniac decks to be a turn or so faster.

usurphling on Behold These Glorious Naya UberFriends [XLN]

3 weeks ago

I did my initial card simulation using attune and oath of Ajani and it didn't work well to me. one of the problems that I had while building this deck is card draw that's why I thought having Ripjaw Raptors in the main to compensate that. I also thought about Shapers' Sanctuary in the main board but due to the fact that I have few creatures, its not that good...that's why its in the Sb right now. Before, I have Nahiri, the Harbinger to have some draws and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar for chump blocks. Now, I ended up having these aforementioned creatures to compensate those losses.

unlike most naya strategies, this deck is more on midrange-control type of deck so consistency and adaptability is needed to survive and surprise our opponents. who will ever thought of somebody who will abuse Glorious End? So I ended up either ramp your way up to bring the big guys (planeswalkers) early or play mind games to them by casting Glorious Ends on their turns, thanks to Gideon. well see...ill do some more card simulations and playtesting.

We_Are_Brewing_VAMPIRES on Behold These Glorious Naya UberFriends [XLN]

3 weeks ago

usurphling, the first 3 cards that jump at me as removable would be the Gideon of the Trials should probably be 3, then depending on how your list is testing I'd consider moving down on just 1 copy of either Glorious End or Exquisite Archangel I really like the game you're trying to play with it, but 4 copies of Glorious End, Gideon (despite the fact he's a beast), and 1 copy of Archangel seems like a little too much to me, I'm not saying abandon the strategy, because I haven't tested your list yet, but I think moving down on one of them and then taking Rishkar's Expertise out leaves you with a really interesting deck. In order to maximize the returns of Oath of Ajani though you'd optimally need to run a slightly different creature package with a few more planeswalkers for the most success.

BMHKain on

1 month ago

Actually, this is the real version. Disregard the previous post...

Some rules of thumb:

  1. I need a wincon by an early enough turn.

  2. The overall CMC of this deck after this needs to be <2.00

  3. I found counterspells in both colors. Anything else?

  4. Final Fortune, & Glorious End are there on purpose.

  5. Please do not see Boros as crap. I haven't gotten any suggestions from a free radical cEDH player yet who isn't afraid to break boundries.Any suggestions?

Xica on Stealing Storm?

1 month ago

Icbrgr, Entrei
Mirror Sheen, Reverberate and the like don't work against storm.

Storm as an ability does the following:
1# It places a single copy of the original spell on the stack
2# THEN it places a triggered ability (as its casted, not on resolution) on the stack - this triggered ability creates all those many copies of the storm spell.
3# Then the triggered ability resolves, then the lot of freshly created copies resolve, and then the original resolves.

As such any effect that can interact with abilities is able to catch storm, be it "exile the stack" effects, like Summary Dismissal, Glorious End, Time Stop, and stuff that can counter abilties like Summary Dismissal, Voidslime, Nimble Obstructionist, Trickbind.

However these spell are only buying you time, they are not the same as casting Rakdos Charm against Splinter Twin, or Commandeer against Karn Liberated.

However if there would be a way to gain control of or create a copy (you own) of the storm trigger(ed ability), then your copies would enter the stack later, and resolve first, hopefully killing the storm player, if the storm count is high enough.

halfyoung on America, home of the missing

1 month ago

Funkydiscogod i originally had Glimmerpoint Stag but swapped to flickerwisps (might try out what you suggested).

i threw the idea about the pacts but currently through play testing i already get Glorious End and Hive Mind frequently together, let alone if somehow i am not able to draw Hive Mind i can still use glorious end to stop a opponent and not have to waste my turn on upkeep.

ETB drawbacks could work really well in here, if i needed to rely less on the sundial i could throw in Torpor Orb, and Eater of Days, for that flying trample.

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