Glorious End


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Mythic Rare

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Glorious End


End the turn. (Exile all spells and abilities on the stack, including this card. The player whose turn it is discards down to his or her maximum hand size. Damage wears off, and "this turn" and "until end of turn" effects end.)

At the beginning of your next end step, you lose the game.

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Glorious End Discussion

Ser_Ghostly on Losers Bracket

1 day ago

The Khalni Garden gives Slaughter Pact another turn 1 out. It can also tap for mana in the rare chance that the deck blanks the opening 7 except for mana producers and Glorious End. I added a longer explanation to the deck description. :-)

Xica on Blood Angel's Pact

4 days ago

Platinum Emperion is indeed superor, if the deck is a tempo deck, but its just not the same lock.
It still loses to infect, and being milled out - which can happen if the opponent draws less, and gained ~infinite life.

It also doesn't work with Pact of Negation or Glorious End (latter being able to exile the stack, thus countering stuff like Supreme Verdict, or any ability)

In the end all this deck, is an exploratory attempt, on seeing how far Platinum Angel can as a lock piece in modern.

Freezingfist on Huatli's Sun Invocation

4 days ago

Just my personal take, but I'd consider mainboarding Cast Out over Ixalan's Binding and going up a Sweltering Suns. expanding on -Arcanity-, aggro is the number 1 played deck right now (Ramunap) and since most of your game is turn 5+, you may not have a chance to get going. Cast Out at least gives you the opportunity to cycle early to find answers, and Sweltering Suns is the cheapest board clear in your colors.

I'd also pull Glorious End. Without the Gideon of the Trials emblem to keep you from losing, it basically delays the inevitable. Could trade out to put in more immediate threats. Something like Glorybringer could fit nicely. Even Charging Monstrosaur would fit your Huatli theme, and give you another decent fast threat to help you catch up.

Xica on Not Paying The Pact!

1 week ago

Glorious End is also the hardest counter legal in modern.
Due to the state based effects at work during the end step, i exiles everything from the stack, when it resolves.

PurpleGame0 on RW Exert

2 weeks ago

I can swing in with my team with even just 1 Combat Celebrant on board and unexerted or untapped after a big push, then on my opponent's upkeep, play Glorious End. They don't get to recover after my push, and I can make another huge push.

w33m4n on RW Exert

2 weeks ago

Can i just ask.. why Glorious End?

usurphling on Axis of Mortality Combo

2 weeks ago

Me likey likey!

Im thinking of the same concept as your deck but with Glorious End. End their turn, bolt myself then exchange their life totals. sweet! lol

Rhadamanthus on EDH: Can exquisite archangel save ...

2 weeks ago

Unfortunately it doesn't help against commander damage. Though technically you'll be safe for a fleeting moment right after the game first tries to make you lose, the game will check state-based-actions again after applying the Angel's effect and will make you lose for taking too much commander damage.

Yes, it will save you from Glorious End, etc. The "you lose" part of the effect gets replaced with exiling Exquisite Archangel and setting your life back to the starting total.

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