Harmless Offering


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Harmless Offering


Target opponent gains control of target permanent you control.

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Harmless Offering Discussion

skoobysnackz on Free Kittens!

1 week ago

AHighlyVisibleNinja, nice observation, I never noticed that! At the same time, I think the point of the card's name is that it's supposed to be ironic.

Exteez, I will definitely add it to the sideboard for game 2 against matchups that might board in Surgical Extraction, though I already have Sky Swallower as a backup. Immortal Coil also seems like a nice card to work around, but I think it might just be too much to set up and Demonic Pact is simply better. Furthermore, being a casual deck, I like Abyssal Persecutor better for flavor. I will definitely keep it in mind though, thanks for the suggestions!

rottenoysters, I'm not sure I follow what you are saying. Sky Swallower is not supposed to have any sort of interaction with Harmless Offering. It is in fact supposed to act as an alternate Harmless Offering on a stick (a big flying one at that).

rottenoysters on Free Kittens!

1 week ago

You should remove the Sky Swallower, because it doesn't come into play when you cast Harmless Offering, so it's permanent stealing ability would not activate to help you.

Exteez on Free Kittens!

1 week ago

Please consider Bazaar Trader as a backup, just in case they Surgical Extraction your Harmless Offering. Also Immortal Coil is a fun wincon if you have Nihil Spellbomb, Tormod's Crypt or Bojuka Bog

CharonSquared on Free Kittens!

1 week ago

Countermagic seems pretty essential in this deck, because if they counter your Harmless Offering then you'll die to your own Demonic Pact. I would recommend some number of Mana Leaks and Remands. Probably cut the Vapor Snags because them losing a life isn't too relevant, and it doesn't let you bounce your Pacts when you need to.

djewell on Saskia the Unyielding Suicide EDH

1 week ago

@IRISHwh1sky that is correct, I believe he is trading it out with Harmless Offering

Argy on Brewing "challenges"

2 weeks ago

landofMordor I have always wanted to see Harmless Offering and Aggressive Mining together in a deck.

I'm sure there are some nasty Creatures you can make your Opponents take with Endless Whispers.

I used to like janky combos like that until I started to build more competitively.

Mono_Land on Atychiphobia (Fear of Failure)

3 weeks ago

you need a way to deal with counters in this deck because if someone counters Harmless Offering you lose

Oloro_Magic on Red-Blue Counter Burn (The most cancerous deck)

3 weeks ago

Annoying eh... have you tried making a Harmless Offering deck. There is nothing funnier than giving a player Rust Elemental or Demonic Pact or Aggressive Mining or Embargo or Illusions of Grandeur (note you gain the life and then they have to start paying the cost when you give it to them and in case you don't know that upkeep cost increases by 2 each turn) or my personal favorite Steel Golem.

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