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#omgallthedragons (Draconic Domination Precon Mod)

Commander / EDH*


This is an adaptation of the Draconic Domination PreCon deck. This was my first step into commander; I played it once stock and got my arse kicked so bad I knew it needed to be upgraded.

I started with trashing the mana base and swapping in dual lands/fetch lands (shocklands as a budget option) and some utility lands/artifacts for 5-color access, while keeping a stock of basic lands to keep things simple.

Then I swapped in some generic accelerants to get access to mana more quickly and then some more accelerants reduce casting cost of the sledgehammer of dragons that I had planned in the arsenal of this precon.

Once I was happy with that, I looked for ways to upgrade the dragons themselves to reduce average converted mana cost (CMC), increase disruption, etc.

The last thing I have done is swap in a few tweaks to increase card draw. I found that 10-12 rounds into a game I will have flooded the battlefield with dragons and if I hadnt sealed the deal on the game by then I will have an empty hand and be left in a rough spot.

Still some tweaking to be done on the upper layer of accelerants, enchantments, and instants but I feel happy with this as a first draft. Feedback always welcome!


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