Olivia Voldaren/Kaervek the Merciless/Tsabo Tavoc/Malfegor

I decide who LIVES and who DIES!

I decide what STAYS and what GOES!

I am the MASTER of LIFE and DEATH!

I am YOUR GOD and you shall BOW BEFORE ME!

If you will not BOW, then I shall MAKE YOU!

This is a R/B control deck that basically does one thing very well, and that's making sure that other people don't get to do things. It is difficult for the deck to "win" but it is not difficult for the deck to kill everyone at once when I get bored of playing or decide things have gone on far enough.

To give you an idea of how, or why, I play the deck, I keep a Grudge Keeper behind my commander.

Commander Options

The deck runs a few legendary creatures in it and who the commander is gets dependent on my mood.

The deck is usually going to have Olivia or Kaervek at the helm, with Malfegor being the weakest option of the four ('cause he eats my hand).

Winning The Game

Winning CAN happen, and there are cards that can make that almost a sure thing when used correctly.

Enemy's Win Cons


Put enough mana into these things and something is going to happen to somebody.


Playing Radiate as a win con usually requires I tap everything I have for mana, cast and then radiate one of the following.


These four cards, two of which are possible commanders for the deck, provide with a win-con just by being there.

Updates Add

Switched from Kaervek the Merciless over to Tsabo Tavoc for one reason and one reason only, and then to Olivia Voldaren. When Kaervek was the commander, my goal either became focusing on Kaervek our outright ignoring him because the game then focused on him. With Tsabo, I can have a nice control element (of which I added a bit more thanks to BFZ and trades from it) as my commander and fit more in theme with the deck.

Included, especially, was the two new cards, in black, that give me instant speed exile.

Grip of Desolation

Scour from Existence

Also added: Erebos, God of the Dead, Tainted Remedy, Void Winnower, Ruinous Path, Ob Nixilis Reignited, Mortuary Mire and Smoldering Marsh.

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