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Big Red - Akroma Angel of Fury


Commander / EDH

Score: Unrated


Big Red Archetype, a few strategies to follow: Commander damage with Akroma, Land ramp + valakut, resolving mycosynth lattice and controlling the board with shatter effects. Past in flames + mana geyser and fireball effects.

combos:Rings of brighthearth + basalt monolithreiterate + mana geyserMycosynth lattice + Darksteel ForgeDarksteel Forge + Nevinyrrals DiskMycosynth Lattice + Hellkite Tyrant

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$604.55 $775.76 $1258.17
2 missing from calculation
Date added 9 months
Last updated 9 months
Legal formats Commander / EDH, Vintage
Cards 99
Avg. CMC 3.77

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