Burning Wish


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Rare
Vintage Masters (VMA) Rare
Judgment (JUD) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Burning Wish


You may choose a sorcery card you own from outside the game, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Exile Burning Wish.

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Burning Wish Discussion

McMayhem on Born to Be Wild (Primer)

1 week ago

Kasethyr, thank you so much for taking the time to write your comments. I really appreciate your feedback, and this honestly made my day.

Serra Ascendant is a card I mostly kept around in 4-player games. It's always good to have the ability to instantly pressure the less fair decks at the table, and remove threats before they become a problem. It's possible to solo a turn 4 deck before they can go off (especially because its pressure asks the player to never misstep on draws or misplay their sequencing, which punishes how low-effort combo is), but the draw required is tough. It's just my "kill target player" button. Wurmcoil Engine is 100% the card I'd recommend in its place; the deck likes to keep itself at a high life total, and fighting Purphoros, God of the Forge strategies is something I have to do every so often (Omnath, Locus of Rage was in nearly every game I played for a few months after printing).

Chandra is a lot like Marath--has a lot of options, and while she's not the best at any of those options, having all of them on one card is just really nice. She "draws", she "ramps", she "kills things", and her emblem "wins me the game". I don't blame anyone whatsoever for abstaining from her.

Goblin Sharpshooter is a card I've had trouble with for a while, as with the Karmic Guide loop set up, it's infinite ETBs with whatever Reveillark's second target is. I just feel that in some games, it's necessary to lock the board down, or else green decks run rampant. Austere Command is my recommendation for another boardwipe, as its utility is incredible, and it's fairly cheap since its recent reprint.

Marath is probably one of the format's most underrated commanders. It gets passed up so often simply because it doesn't wombo combo and outright win you games with a single other card (its combo relies on multiple others, making it trash tier on the clear and obvious holy grail of Commander insight, r / c E D H ! Therefore, Marath is obviously garbage. Obviously.) You really just have to appreciate the whole package, rather than just bottlenecking your deck to cast one card that wins you the game every time. I hate that philosophy with a passion, mostly because I used to do that myself a lot, and it's just not very fun.

A 1v1 variant would probably condense its curve and run cheaper interaction. I don't know if Wishboards are allowed, but Glittering Wish and Burning Wish are both incredible. Nature's Claim, Pyroblast, Path to Exile -- all cards I'd probably run in a 1v1 version. I believe Marath is banned in 1v1, though. I can't say I don't understand why.

Coward_Token on Gahiji: Forever War

2 weeks ago

Alright, this will probably be my last batch until new (non-Un)cards get spoiled. Since the deck seems to be in a state of what I recently learned is called Pareto optimality (https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/pareto-romantic), in the sense that most cards fill an important role that makes it difficult to exchange them for something too different without breaking the deck, and the alternatives within the same niches tend to either miss some important feature or are too (meta-)conditional... which brings me to the cards:

Spinerock Knoll/Windbrisk Heights/Mosswort Bridge: compromises your ramp a bit for some conditional card advantage. The conditions for casting the card should pop up fairly frequently in this deck. Also has some minor synergy with Oracle of Mul Daya by letting you pseudo-scry away an inappropriate topdeck card

Nature's Will: Like giving each of your creatures a Sword of Feast and Famine, kind of. Also hates on the local counterspell/Leyline of Anticipation user. I like it because it ties together the deck's land subtheme & beatdown

(Fangren Firstborn): Curse of Predation for only your creatures that's also opponent-agnostic

(Burning Wish/Living Wish/Glittering Wish): In case the other tutors just weren't good enough and you don't mind being beaten up by your friends afterwards

Misc/weird token generators

Stormfront Riders: Potentially repeatably recast ETB dorks, letting you get a bit more mileage out them, while getting some extra tokens. As a bonus, if you let the creature itself stay on the battlefield it'll complement Teferi's Protection by providing another source of resiliency vs Cyclonic Rift

Ezuri's Predation: Another mass removal option that also happens to synergize with token gifting, but a bit unreliable because it can't kill fatties without the Beasts being boosted by other cards

(Genesis Chamber): Low cmc and ties into the group slug theme, but the deck can't abuse it too hard in its current state

(Beacon of Creation): Green Sun's distant and less successful relative

(Snake Pit): Obviously heavily meta-dependent but could be very nice in the right group

Potential Queen Ant replacements

(Night Soil): Low cmc, low activation cost and graveyard hate to boot, but meta-dependent.

Twilight Drover: More (flying) tokens per mana than the Queen. Synergizes with the token gifting and also Skullclamp. It should get counters pretty reliably throughout people's turns, but otherwise Curse of Predation and, to a greater extent, Orzhov Advokist makes it a bit more reliable. (Also tutorable with the Recruiters.)

Ulasht, the Hate Seed: More immediate alternative to Twilight Drover. A decent chunk of the deck will give it initial counters via color (although only Dragon Broodmother generates multiple gruul tokens for double counters) and it can use the same two cards as the Drover to refill its ammo. The damage ability provides some backup point removal which is hard to have too much of, and as a very cute bonus it synergizes with Hornet Nest by letting you ping it at the end of each turn for an extra value token, assuming the Nest isn't already damaged. (Even cuter is the fact that toughness-boosting cards like Mirari's Wake & Mirror Entity will increase the maximum amount of value tokens you can get per turn.) (Also tutorable with the Recruiters.)

(Sigarda, Heron's Grace): Again, meta-dependent. Aside from yourself and its own tokens, it gives hexproof to eight cards in the current deck. Even with Knight of the Reliquary sacrificing lands, I dunno if you put enough cards in your graveyard that you don't want to recur later to make this worthwhile. (Although it should be noted that the graveyard cards don't have to be creatures.) Body-wise I'd say 1 less power for flying is a good deal

(Also, I know it's a pet card of mine, but Elemental Mastery from my last post also has the bonus of letting Mother of Runes give pseudo-wide resiliency by virtue of the clown car effect.)

Lord_Khaine on Pattern Recognition #52 - Arabian ...

3 weeks ago

I'm the odd player who actually likes Shahrazad.

I remember Shahrazad only being $60 when I started Magic (2014, 2015?), and debating buying one, maybe a playset if I picked up extra hours at work. Now It'd cost me $1000 for a playset, though I'm not sure why the price spiked so much.

Though in memory of that card, I built a deck of four Enter the Dungeon, four Burning Wish, and four Death Wish, with the Wishes grabbing copies 5-12 of Enter the Dungeon.

RIP Shahrazad, banned from formats by Wizards and restricted from collections by price.

Halfgodz on A Michael Bay Film, Omnath: Age of Explosions! v3

1 month ago

Why not play Burning Wish and a toolbelt package for it?

Halfgodz on Anger Management

1 month ago

Why not play Burning Wish and a toolbelt package for it?

Aethaleon on Yidris of the Infinite Cascade

1 month ago

The cards in the sideboard are outside the game, so there is no real sideboard for the deck. Burning Wish into Glittering Wish is how I have to go get Maelstrom Nexus. Cards from outside the game that I grab, don't have to follow the commander's color identity.

precociousapprentice on Marchesa, Political Queen of Pillows

1 month ago

Exsanguinate is a card that will always go in an out of my deck. Great wincon, can sweep up several low life opponents, or can stall a loss if you cast it for even a mid range amount. Just an all around solid card. That being said, it comes out regularly to make room for things I want to try. My Wishboard is it's present home, which is a great location for it for me. I can get it for with Burning Wish, but it also gives me access to things like Insurrection and Austere Command. If I cut Burning Wish, I am not sure which I would replace it with, Exsanguinate or Insurrection. Either way, it will alway occupy a flex spot in the deck, because it is not key to the functioning of the deck, but it is amazing when you need it. Thaumatic Compass is pretty great. It has made a great showing in 2 of the last games and played a key role. The last game it didn't show up. What did show up was Teferi's Protection . I won the game against a semi-mirror match against a newly minted Bant Aikido deck. It went Demonic Tutor and Enlightened Tutor to get Master of Cruelties and Key to the City, cast Master of Cruelties. Opponent casts Path to Exile on Master of Cruelties. I cast Teferi's Protection , saving my entire board. Pass the turn, my opponent gets nothing, and passes the turn, knowing she is at least mostly dead. I draw the Key to the City, cast it, and tap and discard to Key to the City on Master of Cruelties, attacking with Master of Cruelties. This bypasses my opponent's Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker, Clever Impersonator cloned No Mercy, and her Delaying Shield, as well as a held Dawn Charm to put her at 1 life. I transmute Shred Memory into Price of Progress and cast it, knowing that she doesn't have enough to pay the mana to Delaying Shield to save herself next turn. Pass the turn, and good game. This was after she let an Insurrection through to take out both other opponents earlier in the game when she could have Dawn Charmed to save them. I was expecting her to hold a fog, so I took out them instead of her. She ended up dyeing with that Dawn Charm in hand. Super interesting to see the deck in a multiplayer against another Aikido deck, this one with arguably more control and defense in the form of blue control and green rattlesnakes, but with less aggression. The aggression won out. Mardu aikido is amazing, super fun, and will probably always be my favorite. Thanks for helping me to build my deck, and congrats on the 100+ upvotes. The deck is truly rad.

Calsifer on Budgetless Kess Doomsday/Storm (CEDH)

1 month ago

This is being tweaked for a meta which allows sideboards and penalizes players who win before turn six and/or go infinite.

Mostly looking for thoughts and suggestions on the sideboard choices but any feedback is appreciated!

Ive elected to go with Burning Wish over Cunning Wish due to CMC and flashback potential.

Targets include: Mind's Desire: often a little clunky and painful Ad Nauseam and Dark Confidant so I moved it to the wish board.Void Snare: redundant Chain of Vapor mostly to clear stax effects.Grim Tutor: arguably the worst of the unconditional tutors so I moved it to the wish board. Not sure about this one, may be better in the main.Pyroclasm: clears little guys.Damnation clears big guys too!Vandalblast: By Force is better but its always good to have redundancy.Exsanguinate: infinite mana win condition.Thoughtseize: counter magic bait or strip a win condition etc.Stranglehold: there is an extra turns Kess deck in the meta.Serum Visions: the worst of the cantrips so, to the board! Good for cracking a Doomsday pile.

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