Burning Wish


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown (CN2) Rare
Vintage Masters (VMA) Rare
Judgment (JUD) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Burning Wish


You may choose a sorcery card you own from outside the game, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Exile Burning Wish.

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Burning Wish Discussion

Philoctetes on Licia, the Sanguine Storm

2 weeks ago

Great comments guys thanks for the interest and following my journey!

luther - while I do love Hatred as a fantastic win condition in a lot of decks, I feel in this build the Attack with Licia commander damage plan is very Plan B. I like having the option, but the main reason I like it is that it sort of exists by itself without slots dedicated to it, you know? But thank you for the suggestion!

MagicBlues - thanks for following along! The deck has definitely evolved over time, haha. My goal is actually at this point to continue to upgrade as I make certain acquisitions and really trick it out. My latest thought is potentially including a Burning Wish Mastermind's Acquisition sideboard package and offloading some board wipes and other situational cards to it.

Good comment regarding Not Forgotten my reasoning specifically for Not Forgotten over a card like Shreds of Sanity or Recoup is that it can bring back whatever I need, and especially Helm of Awakening which is just such a crucial piece. It can also circumstantially grab a Glacial Chasm or something similar!

Keep the comments coming guys I am enjoying the discussion!

precociousapprentice on Funnest Deck Ever

3 weeks ago

Hey, I linked your deck in a new Budget Alternatives section of my deck. I may expand on it, but I appreciate that you put in the time to create a good budget version that keeps the central feel.

I have a question. Your Wishboard has 2 instants. You can get them with Mastermind's Acquisition but not Burning Wish. In any case, Mastermind's Acquisition is a sorcery, so no real reactive play is possible with them. Can you outline what sort of play states and decisions would lead to playing of either of those instants in your Wishboard?

SurpriZe on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

3 weeks ago

Just had a game with this deck with exactly the same build which has drastically increased my respect for it:

The entirety of the game I'd been struggling with mana and couldn't get any black (apart from Chromatic Lantern which got removed by a boardwipe as soon as I played it). I've basically played with only 4 mana total for around 12+ turns. None of my permanents had the chance to stick around long enough to do anything significant. I even Burning Wish'ed an Hour of Revelation at one point but it didn't do terribly much. One of the opponents got the monarch as well. The aforementioned opponent had ramped out of control, with lots of land and around 9 white creatures (angels/humans) of various strengths. He also had Shaman of Forgotten Ways out and was ready to activate it next turn. Since neither me nor anybody else had many (or any) creatures, he was 100% convinced he had won the game, as the other players were already starting to scoop. I was the only one to continue. I had some black, unplayable cards and a few fogs in my hand that had been stopping his advances, but nothing too meaningful. Then, the turn he is activating the shaman, I play Teferi's Protection , which, of course, saves me and puts him at 9 life. A little surprised, he ends the turn as he had somehow already managed to spend all his mana. Next, my turn comes, I activate Acidic Soil and win the game, as I still had around 32 life.

He was dumbfounded, but took the loss pretty well. This was one of the closest game I've ever had in magic, where winning with 4 lands and without black mana was actually possible versus an overwhelming opponent. This isn't my first win with this deck, but it's definitely the one I'll remember.

Rogue_Toaster on Floop's Fooglies

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions! Tail Slash and Soul's Fire are great ideas, but I'll try to find sorcery versions of these effects so I can grab them with Burning Wish.

Also I have considered Neheb, the Eternal. Honestly this deck can crank out so much mana on its own, and playing a 5 mana non-goblin to make more mana only in post-combat doesn't seem super worth it. But I'll definitely keep him in mind!

escobert on Burning Impulse Storm

1 month ago

KumaLKS Burning Wish can't grab it from the board.

Oh, I see what you're getting at with it. Generally we're not too worried about what's on the other side fo the table, unless it's a DRS or Thalia that needs to be bolted.

cdkime on Can't wish for more wishes? Wish for more genies!

2 months ago

Spellweaver Helix would be a horrific addition to the deck. Imprinting Enter the Dungeon and Burning Wish would just be evil--you cast Enter the Dungeon, Burning Wish goes on the stack, giving you another copy of Enter the Dungeon, then you play a subgame. You have now replaced the Enter the Dungeon you cast, and have another one in your hand, ready for your next play. Or, you could play the Burning Wish, putting Enter the Dungeon on the stack, and then wish for a new Enter the Dungeon once the subgame ends and Burning Wish resolves. This would also leave you with an Enter the Dungeon in your hand, allowing you to perform the first loop. You would never run out of subgames.

With some more mana rocks and the addition of Paradox Engine, you could go infinite with your subgames.

RedMulligan on Starting in Commander?

2 months ago

So here's a list of the cards that I got for the deck:

However, there's plenty of things I know I need, and some things I might consider (thanks to edhrec.com).Holy crap, that's a lot of cards. What I want to do right now is have Kess play the support role while I tutor up Nekusar to play. As soon as I can start nabbing the wheels for Nekusar's pain, Kess's ability will allow me to cast them back for more wheel-y fun times (for me, at least). That way, people won't realize that this is actually a Nekusar deck: he's hiding, ready to strike! But my biggest problem is discerning which of these 150+ cards I need to whittle down to about 65, and also figure out how many lands I need to play. I've got a little money to spend, and this list is about as far as I'll go cost-wise.

MrBronson on Boros Assemble!

2 months ago

I agree IvyLeaguerCU all these suggestions have given me the idea to use Burning Wish and keeping Golden Wish in sideboard.

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