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Intro ::

Allies have always had a special place in my heart. My Modern Ally deck, Turn 4, Mill 600 Cards Please... [Primer] does a very good job of teaching players to have a little more respect for the Zendikari scrappers. When General Tazri was first released, I knew I would have to make a Commander deck with her eventually. This is that deck. A friend of mine, [email protected], helped me build the original decklist for this, and deserves credit for that.

Premise ::

The foundational idea behind this deck is that Tazri can be used to tutor for whatever Ally you need, perhaps the other half of an infinite combo or an answer to a problematic threat. Need to blow away some creatures? Look for Murasa Pyromancer. Artifacts combos putting a bee in your bonnet? Grab Tuktuk Scrapper and hit them in the face for damage while you're at it. Got a great boardstate and just need to get damage through? Grab Seascape Aerialist, Chasm Guide, or Firemantle Mage and pump Tazri's ability if you can. Anticipating your opponent's moves and tutoring proactively (as opposed to reactively) with Tazri can be the difference between winning or losing.

Combos ::

Before I knew what direction I was going to take this deck, I knew I wanted to include infinite combos. I reviewed the different options (LOTS to choose from in WUBRG) and decided to go with some of the more straightforward options.

Harabaz Druid + Pemmin's Aura/Freed from the Real + one other Ally = Infinite Mana

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Pemmin's Aura/Freed from the Real + Harabaz Druid = Infinite Mana, Infinite Token non-Legendary Creature Copies, Infinite Ally ETBs

Turntimber Ranger + Arcane Adaptation = Infinite Wolf Allies, Infinite Ally ETBs, Infinite +1/+1 counters on Ranger.

When you have infinite Ally ETBs, triggers on creatures like Kalastria Healer also go infinite. I won't list them all - you get the point I'm sure. Besides these infinite combos, there are lots of other strong synergies in the deck. Remember, the idea is to use Tazri to tutor for the Ally-half of the combo whose other piece(s) you have in your hand.

Bala Ged Thief + Mirror of the Forebears = Now you can regulate two opponents' hands at once!

Chasm Guide + Sea Gate Loremaster = Draw your combos faster.

General Tazri + Chromatic Lantern = Suddenly, Tazri's second ability can activate more than once a turn...

General Tazri + Venser, the Sojourner = Know what's better than one tutor?

Hagra Diabolist + Rite of Replication = How many players can we kill at once?

Halimar Excavator + Patriarch's Bidding = If they can't figure out why you're milling yourself, it's their own fault they lost.

Halimar Excavator + Rite of Replication = Go for the mill win.

Hero of Goma Fada + Captain's Claws = Indestructible attack force.

Kazuul Warlord + Unified Front = The A-Team just showed up (A is for Ally).

Mina and Denn, Wildborn + Retreat to Emeria = Spawn extra Allies/buff field on your extra Landfall.

Mina and Denn, Wildborn + Maze's End + Amulet of Vigor = Get to the end of the maze faster.

Other Options ::

There are many blink effects I could include in the deck, such as Conjurer's Closet or Momentary Blink, that would allow me to Tutor more times with Tazri and give my field a little bit more spot-evasion. Right now though, I'm too fond of other support cards that either help me ramp up my offensive presence, a la Cover of Darkness and Aura Shards, or deal with control and removal, like War's Toll and Steely Resolve.

I'm always open to suggestions, so please leave one if there's a card or combo you think this deck could benefit from. Thanks for reading!


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