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Muldrotha, Tides of Madness

The plan

Play a lot of cheap permanents that interact with opponents and your boardstate by sacrificing them. They allow you to blow up artifacts/enchantments, kill creatures fetch lands or other resources, protect your commander, prevent attacks, you name it. The downside to these cards is usually that these are one-shot, tempo-based effects that aren’t powerful enough for a multiplayer game where bigger and better things are happening.

Enter Muldrotha, the Gravetide

The fun starts here and it




Your commander allows you to use your graveyard as additional cards in hand, as long as they are permanents (one of each type per turn). Now you’ve basically got infinite lands, removal and protection from attackers (as long as your graveyard isn’t exiled).

The most important thing is keeping Muldrotha on the battlefield. Protect her with cards like Lightning Greaves and Seal of Removal (by preventing commander tax) or just let her die and bring her back with reanimation like Nim Deathmantle.

Once you untap with Muldrotha the game begins for real. You will be able to play any permanent type from your graveyard once per turn!

Muldrotha is all about the graveyard so you want enablers for her. You won’t always have your commander on the battlefield though, so you’ll need other payoffs too. Because of this, almost all cards play well with the graveyard. Here’s the (non-exhaustive) lists of enablers and payoffs:

Graveyard enablers

The current payoffs are mostly reanimation spells as well as Muldrotha of course

Graveyard payoffs

"What's a gun doing in your trousers?"

"It's for protection."

"Protection from what? Zee Germans?"

Muldrotha protection

When you cast Muldrotha you want her to stick around. There’s a couple of ways to do so in here:

Player protection The idea is that you should be able to stave off attacks by one or more opponents. This is usually a oneshot fog effect or something very pricy, but our Lady makes these effects recurring:

Board protection

Wraths! Recurring wraths!

Then there’s a bunch of cards that are just very good value, mostly with ETB or death triggers, so that they always provide the value you want, while being good sacrifice/cannon fodder later on.

You can’t play commander without ramp

But too good/fun to cut Not very synergistic, but dayum. (recurrable with eternal witness if you really have to ;))


I added 1 infinite combo (that requires too many cards to work too consistently but it just seems too cool):

Deranged Hermit + Nim Deathmantle + Phyrexian Altar (Ashnod's Altar works too if you have enough colored sources on the side)

This combination of cards gives you infinite (colored, in the case of phyrexian altar) mana / squirrels because the hermit makes 5 dudes total and you need 2 or 4, depending on the altar. Use an altar to go up 4 mana, pay 4 to attach nim deathmantle to hermit, rinse and repeat.

After you’ve made ALL THE MANAS and squirrels we need our win condition. Basically anything that gets us deeper into our deck in your graveyard works here, because it becomes repeatable when you sacrifice Muldrotha, the Gravetide and bring her back (she doesn’t check previously played cards). There’s actually only 1 card we really want here: Villainous Wealth!

In case it’s already in the yard we can get it with Eternal Witness, otherwise we scry to it with Viscera Seer, or dig to it by looping Muldrotha with something like Vessel of Nascency, Baleful Strix, or any other of the myriad of ways we have here.

After you’ve exiled someone else’s whole library (points!), you can either beat the remaining players with cards from the other person’s library, or just repeat the process with eternal witness and the 999.892 mana you’ve got left!

Fun times will be had.

(Deathmantle + ashnod’s + thragtusk is also infinite life)

Current Considerations: (* = very likely)

Cut considerations (* = very likely)

  • Ramunap Excavator * needs more testing but could be superfluous with muldrotha already fulfilling that role. It would then mostly be to enable:

-Wayward Swordtooth *, but it could be focused too much on getting lands and not enough on action

  • Courser of Kruphix * it’s nice that it’s an enchantment and a creature because it can be recurred like either one by Muldrotha, but the impact seems too low

  • Bounty of the Luxa * seems like good value but doesn’t synergise very well and costs 4

  • Vraska, Relic Seeker feels like a nice catch-all answer to any creature, artifact of enchantment, but is quite expensive at 6

  • Dreamborn Muse but need to test more

  • Satyr Wayfinder could be replaced nicely with Hermit Druid even though etb is not the same as


Manabases are hard, but I’m trying. Please let me know if some things have or have not been working for you!

Planning on the following changes as soon as i get my hands on the cards:

Feedback, +1’s and suggestions more than welcome!

Credit to JumboCommander for the original list (which it doesn’t really resemble anymore i suppose)


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