Grim Discovery

Grim Discovery


Choose one or both —

  • Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
  • Return target land card from your graveyard to your hand.
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Set Rarity
Mystery Booster (MYS1) Common
Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis (DDR) Common
Zendikar (ZEN) Common

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Format Legality
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Grim Discovery Discussion

Balaam__ on Tartarus, Obsignatorum

2 months ago

See this is why it’s good to ask for advice! Let me go through your suggestions one by one.

1) I’m not sure, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I could sacrifice Dark Depths to itself via Exploration to trigger Marit Lage. I’m leaning toward No because the card specifies “When Dark Depths has no ice counters on it, sacrifice it.” Even though it’s a card subject to the Legendary rule, I think they’d both enter the battlefield with ice counters. Again, I could be wrong (and if I am, please let me know!). But I think you’re right about not running Exploration anyway.

2) As for Entomb, I included that as a tutor to acquire either Dark Depths or Thespian's Stage. Then I can grab them from the graveyard using Grim Discovery. In a pinch it could also locate and grab any of the creatures with the same process. I’m leaning toward keeping them in, at least until further playtesting.

3) Makes sense about removing Spoils of the Vault too; I already have the superior Demonic Consultation so I suppose I can cut it in favor of Ancestral Recall (I keep forgetting that card exists. What irony XD)

4) Is Crop Rotation really all that useful? I guess I just can’t see the value. Since it costs a green even if I use it to sacrifice the land i just tapped to cast it, have I really gained an advantage? My mind can’t quite put together it’s usefulness. Help me understand better how it works or why it’s so good.

5) As much as I’d love to include more copies of Vampiric Tutor, it’s restricted:/ I could add Imperial Seal, that sounds like a plus. Grim Tutor sounds too slow (plus I don’t own a copy).

6) I think the mana producing creature Urborg Elf is really good, I don’t know why I should remove it here. It can chump block and help pay for the means to find and assemble my pieces for Marit Lage. Is it really bad to have the elf?

DasButch on They Eat... ZoMbIE BrAiNs?!?

3 months ago

Hey zAzen7977!

Dude, Rotting Regisaur looks nasty! Liliana, the Last Hope would be a great fit when I've got the $$$ for some more magic cards! lol.

Witch's Cottage looks useful too.

Experimenting with new removal spells all the time. I've had both Fatal Push and Spark Harvest in the deck and like them both.

You're right about Soul Stair Expedition being slow. I had a bunch of crack lands and thought it might be worth a try. I'm currently trying out Grim Discovery. Think it will be nice for digging a Stitcher's Supplier or a Carrion Feeder AND a crack land for the Bloodghast. Limited testing on that card.

I play on MTGO, so these decks are changing often!

Have quite a few play hours in. Deck runs really well.

Thanks for the advice buddy!

Lates, Das Butch

SpoopieGhost on Vraska's Triple D's

5 months ago

I don't usually do sideboards for my homebrew Pauper Decks as they're more for me and my friend's casual games. But I would definitely fun some Relic of Progenitus, Naturalize, maybe a Doom Blade or two, perhaps more Gurmag Angler or Greater Mossdog you have to be careful though because playing this deck I've learned that if you get too greedy with the graveyard filling you will have nothing but Stinkweed Imp to cast, and they unfortunately make the problem worse. This deck could use some more cards with flashback Gnaw to the Bone could be great for sideboards, or simply just more ways to refill the hand. possibly Grim Discovery or Disentomb. I personally love Macabre Waltz, but it does have a CMC of two. Disentomb can hit two zombies which is perfect for both Putrid Leech and Gurmag Angler.

The4Shadowmask on Phage the Untouchable - Casual

5 months ago

FrogFoEva, yeah those are good suggestions, you can also have Torpor Orb are draw Phage into your hand using Command Beacon, or even use Sundial of the Infinite. I believe you can also destroy Phage as it enters play to remove it before it loses you the game, and then you can use Grim Discovery or something else you might add in to get it back. I'm still a little new to Magic so maybe this are wrong but I just built this list using a combination of other lists I found and popular black cards.

Uhva on Mirko Graveyard Shenanigans

10 months ago

bobpuluchi I have sort of the same deck. Try adding Grim Discovery , it combos with Archaeomancer and Memorial to Folly . Also I like Rise from the Grave , Rescue from the Underworld and Extract from Darkness for some triggers. +1 really liked the deck.

Cheerful_Zucchini on The Rock, Pauper, Scissors (RPS)

10 months ago

Wow, cool deck my friend! May I suggest Grim Discovery so you can bring back your treefolk and harvest more lands?

Newperspectives on Budget Madness

11 months ago

Maybe you could add Call to the Netherworld over Grim Discovery

SP3CTR3_chelts on Are you delirious

11 months ago

erm at the moment you can't trigger delirium as you do not have 4 card types in the deck! Add some sorcery cards and some artifacts to help.

Traveler's Amulet is a nice self sacing artifact

Grim Discovery or Return from Extinction are both nice budget options for sorcery card advantage

I would recomend Nameless Inversion over some of your other instants as it is removal/ pump spell but tribal is one of the card types that can trigger delirium.

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