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War Master Aurelia's Humans & Soldiers

Commander / EDH Aggro Angels Artifact RW (Boros) Soldiers



Aggro Double Tribal Semi-Voltron Multi Combat Semi-Control Equipment Token Deck

Had to build a Aurelia,The Warleader Boros deck as my second commander deck since my first was Damia,Sage of Stone and is Sultai so now I was covering all the colors in edh to get a better understanding of it but I had to challenge myself to make mine better than just good stuff like my Damia deck is and started obsessing over it at night wanting to not get ganged up on in a match anymore I spent countless hours looking up cards and Aurelia Edh decks all over the internet and I feel like I made something special and never thought that id get such a high score and as of 05/20/2019 It Has finally been made into a full paper deck! Thank you everyone for the recommendations and comments and upvotes. And help or comments welcome!


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