This deck mandates that they must be sleeved in MLP sleeves with Rainbow Dash being #1 pick. enter image description here Disclosure: The whole MLP is a running joke with my playgroup, I am in fact, not a MLP purveyor.

After some playtesting I think some artifact and/or Enchantment tutoring to help. I would love some advice to bring this up to a more consistent and competitive deck level without breaking my wallet. My only rule is I cannot have any infinite combos in the deck. Will update it as I get new cards in my collection to buff it up a bit.

I do notice it needs a little more removal and answers to spells as well. Got steamrolled by a Pillowfort and a Mutate deck, nothing could stick or do anything to help me. I'm tempted to remove the tribal part of the deck and add in non-unicorn creatures. But my heart won't allow me to do so, it's unicorn or bust!

Looking for more card draw & removal/protection (had protection with Wishmonger but it went both ways which kind of stunk since it hurt me too


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Sunbound -> Valorous Steedfoil

Not enough means to get lifelink to justify this card. Swapped out for Valorous Steed which is a decent body and with the commander can be a decent token/counter generator


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