Mono-blue Combo/Aggro list based on Emry and Intruder Alarm. Multiple ways to combo off and get into infinit mana and infinit draw, WinCon being Tidespout Tyrant to bounce opponents decks and go in for the kill or using infinit mana and Walking Ballista to blast everyone to pieces. Fokus is definitely on the combo part, beatdown only being plan B.

The list isn't running tutors for artifacts on a purpose: I prefer to dig out combos during game play. With tutors the list becomes much more linear and I like a less linear game flow for my casual plays. So while I agree that things like Drift of Phantasms or Whir of Invention are good cards, I prefer to keep them out of this list. I have more competetive lists for more competetive play and those usually are crammed with tutor effects.

The general game plan is to get out a combo with Emry, so look out for untap effects (mostly Mirran Spy or Chakram Retrieverfor normal artifacts or Intruder Alarm for artifact creatures) and loops to cast artifacts, combined with some consuming pieces that can turn those repeated artifact plays into tokens, mana, or anything else really. As soon as you have infinite mana, see if you can dig out Walking Ballista. Your most valuable draw engines are cards like Urza's Bauble or Mishra's Bauble, as they can be easily repeated with Emry and an untap effect. Good value pieces to turn loops into tokens are Sai, Master Thopterist, Mirrodin Besieged or Efficient Construction. If all fails, just go for Thopter and/or Myr beatdown and look out for Throne of the God-Pharaoh, as that turns all the tapped tokens into life loss and can easily close out games.
There are a ton of combos in this deck, my saying is that if I have 10 artifacts out, I probably already have 2 combos out that I just didn't notice.
You need some consuming effects for the mentioned recast loops and the mana. There are a ton of those in this deck. I try to overlap those with above combo's where possible, too, just to get more consistency.
  • Efficient Construction, Mirrodin Besieged, Sai, Master Thopterist all produce tokens on your artifact casts and provide a gigantic board state.

  • Thornbite Staff on Inkmoth Nexus and Krark-Clan Ironworks out let you ping with poison counters until your opponents die. And both the Staff and the Ironworks are something you want out anyway for infinite’s.
  • Riddlesmith lets you loot down into your library, searching for that wincon.
  • Artificer's Assistant lets you scry down into your library, searching for that wincon. The preferred way to go for the actual wincon (Ballista most probably), because you are not in danger to draw out.
  • Vedalken Archmage makes you draw your deck. Get rid of it before drawing out, though.
  • Sage of Lat-Nam lets you draw your deck.
  • Urza, Lord High Artificer lets you tap artifacts for mana and if you recast an artifact creature like Ancestral Statue, you can just tap it for mana in response to it's bounce trigger and net mana that way. Or tap infinite thopters for infinite mana for pumping a Walking Ballista or for Throne of the God-Pharao drain effects.
  • Tidespout Tyrant takes any cast Loop and bounces opponent board states back to hand.
  • In general, this list is tons of fun to play if you like combo play, because of it's many interactions of combo pieces and the high redundancy and resiliance because of said redundancy. There are many ways to come back from devastation and if your opponents think they got you with one, they might be surprised on how fast you rebuild your board.


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