Hello, do you like Flap Flaps? You should, because Flap Flaps are wonderful beings that can only be blocked by other Flap Flaps and Swat Swats. Behold all the smol, majestical Flap Flaps that shall provoke 'ooooo's and 'ahhhhh's as our shiny Queen Flap Flap summons them from the depths of our wondrous Paper Pile.

For each situation, there exists a Flap Flap, and our Queen Flap Flap draws upon the might of the many to flap all over the table and blow their cards off said table, annoying our opponents enough to give us time to rig our deck to bring us victory. Yes, that is the secret might of the Majestical Queen Flap Flap and her army...

The 'oooooooooo's Show

The 'ahhhhhhh's Show

Stuff. Show

Combows Show

May Be Bored Show

Only one question remains: Why a shiny Queen Flap Flap?

That is a mystery that shall never be solved...


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