As I built this deck it whispered to me, "Burn them all." I didn't know I was building a spellslinger burn deck, but here we are!

The decks I've built in the past have been tuned and tweaked until everything runs flawlessly, as close to perfect as I can get it. That's great, and fun for FNM settings, but I've got friends who are just getting started and haven't had the time or money to invest. So instead of pushing them to play at my level, I'm trying to play at theirs.

So far this is working well. To keep the power level in check, I'm trying to keep the cards reasonably within a step or two of the Lord of the Rings mythology, to go with the commander. For example, Smaug exists in The Hobbit, therefore I'm ok with dragons. Goblins/orcs exist and wizards exist, so a Goblin Wizard can exist but it's kind of pushing things. Ral must have planeswalked here because he's actually outside of the boundary I set, but he's very good for the deck.

Additionally I'm trying not to increase the cost of the deck much, so if I can't get the cheap version for a buck or so at my LGS, I probably won't be grabbing it.


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