My victory is assured, I just need to stay alive long enough to see it through. This deck has win conditions for every occasion. Self mill, enemy mill, normal/commander/infect damage, simic ascendancy, and mindslaver for special occasions. This deck is played primarily in multiplayer and many of my wins are the result of good player aggro control, which is to say I don't tend to attack people unless I can survive the backlash. Often I will be sitting at low health and manage to pull a win out of a good mill, or survive a presumed lethal attack by using gnaw to the bone. If I survive long enough I can usually find a win condition to suit the situation.

I have put a lot of work into the composition of this deck over the years but I am always open to suggestions of what to improve. Most of the time the reason why a good card isn't in my deck is simply because I have never heard of it before. I'm not looking for any instant or sorceries because I don't want to ruin the primal surge chain but any other card suggestions would be appreciated.


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