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Mizzix, Spellslinging Shenanigans

Commander / EDH UR (Izzet)


archetypes: spellslinging control

deck motto: let's see what happens!

Built using the Seize Control preconstructed deck as a skeleton. Haven't made any modifications yet, but a decent number will be incoming after I've tested the vanilla deck a bit. Ultimate goal is to turn it into storm combo. That will likely take a while (due to me not owning any of the storm/buyback cards this deck would want), but I have a decent number of miscellaneous izzet-y cards that should spice things up until then.


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First update in a while. Still slightly concerned by the number for 4-drops in the deck, but I'm actually even more concerned about how little ramp I'm running. The deck isn't necessarily designed to jam Mizzix on turn 3 every game, but it's a powerful line that I would like to have available more often. I should look into getting some more 2-mana rocks....

-Aetherspouts - more sweet than good, in my experience - it's not that common for people to attack with more than two creatures.

-Flash of Insight - I like the card, but it's rarely better than Think Twice.

-Jace's Sanctum - one of my 4-drops had to go, and this felt like the weakest one.

-Confirm Suspicions - a bit clunky.

-Shattering Pulse - buyback cost is really painful without a Mizzix discount.

-Manifold Insights - I've been fairly underwhelmed by it, and I don't really want my opponents to know what's in my hand.

-Desolate Lighthouse - activating it is rare.


+Talisman of Creativity - a two mana rock!

+Narset's Reversal - testing. It's a potent tempo play, and may let me hijack some ramp.

+Electrodominance - because flashing out a sorcery seems intriguing.

+The Magic Mirror - may be too slow, but should be able to get it down for cheap.

+Niv-Mizzet, Parun - draws cards and shoots things. What's not to love?

+Thaumatic Compass  Flip - this deck wants to operate at instant speed and hit all its land drops.

+Sulfur Falls - fixing!

+Mystic Sanctuary - recursion in the land slot seems pretty strong. No fetchlands for it, unfortunately, but still good. Makes Islands even more important.


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