My glorious, not very powerful yet fun, deck.

Extra side-note: _Take out Seedborn Muse , Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider , and Flawless Maneuver , and suddenly, this deck is fairly cheap to make. I just happened to have all three of these cards in my possession. The deck should be fine if you don't use these three cards, and instead use other, more budget-friendly options. _

For a while now, I've wanted to build a deck around the energy theme from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt. Since opening my first packs with those cards, I've thought to myself: "Wouldn't it be cool to build an Energy deck, with a whole, brand new resource utilized within it?" Unfortunately, what's kept me from going through with it(at least, what I've told myself) is the fact that there's not much support for it, especially outside of those two sets.

However, I finally decided to make my dream into reality, even if the deck would never be a top-tier deck among the others I have. I sold some cards for in-store credit, bought a few cards for cheap, and threw in a ton of cards I've had laying around or waiting in my trade book. And so, without further stalling, this is my Energy Deck.

I've utilized Roon of the Hidden Realm , mostly because a lot of the energy makers create energy on entry. Plus, the value he can generate with some cards is immense. Not to mention that his three colors make the deck actually pretty nice. So, you may be wondering: What is the game plan, here?

Well, you obviously need as much Energy as possible, and some pay-offs for the energy. Electrostatic Pummeler , Aethersquall Ancient , Aetherwind Basker , Longtusk Cub , and Architect of the Untamed all are viable energy sinks for this deck. Not to mention Gonti's Aether Heart and Aetherworks Marvel being excellent payoffs for the gathered Energy.

Let me know what you think, if there's other good Energy cards that should be included in the deck, or any other advice for it. I think this is a fun deck to play, and when it gets going, its a ton of fun.


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