Greenbelt Rampager

Greenbelt Rampager

Creature — Elephant

When Greenbelt Rampager enters the battlefield, pay . If you can't, return Greenbelt Rampager to its owner's hand and you get .

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Greenbelt Rampager Discussion

amicdeep on The Curse of Erayo

2 months ago

the problem i can foresee with this list is your not flipping eryo until turn 4 at earliest and that's to slow for modern. the deck needs some mana neutral cantrips of some powerfully and cheap recastable spells

cards the come to mind are Manamorphose,

Mishra's Bauble, Tormod's Crypt with Repeal,

Finale of Promise. with cantrips

Memnite Ornithopter + Hurkyl's Recall Retract with Emry, Lurker of the Loch

even Faerie Impostor, Greenbelt Rampager, Glint Hawk would all help

skrai on Jund Energy

1 year ago

Nice list! I love the use of black here as Glint-Sleeve Siphoner is one of my favorite energy cards. However, I will say oftentimes I've found Greenbelt Rampager to not be worth it as it fits really awkwardly on the curve. All you get out of it turn 1 is 1 energy, and turn two, three, and four you're looking to be playing your more important cards like Voltaic Brawler , Lathnu Hellion , Bristling Hydra , etc so the 3/4 body starts to be a little less impressive. Regardless, I love this list!

JostinFrutz on $100 Jund

2 years ago

Hey Chasmolinker, thanks for the reply! The meta is extremely creature heavy. That's why I'm running Harsh Scrutiny in the mainboard (which I might replace with a Despise instead), with a third Duress in the sideboard to swap out when needed. We calculate based on the price on MTGGoldfish and I'm at $102 right now (, so you're probably right about Inquisition of Kozilek

We only have one burn-ish deck (which also happens to be me running a mono-red prowess variant), so I feel like lifegain can live in the sideboard for now (e.g. Pulse of Murasa & Spike Feeder ). I chose Grisly Salvage over Pulse of Murasa because I was getting mana-screwed pretty regularly. The cheap land package is really difficult to do in these particular three colours. But, Grisly Salvage is a card that I can use when I need to grab a land or when I want to grab a potentially game-swinging threat. And, I feel like since I'm not running fetches or anything that tosses things into the graveyard Pulse of Murasa will only grab low-cmc creatures that I had played earlier in the game rather than massive hulks that can swing things in my favour. That being said, Pulse of Murasa may be better in the late game, but worse in the early game (which is where I have trouble).

As for Aether Hub , I've felt like it's value is extremely dependent on getting Winding Constrictor or Glint-Sleeve Siphoner out. If you are desperate and have to use its energy counter, Aether Hub can be a dead land due to the high number of coloured spells in the deck. That's why I cut one. But, when it goes off, it really goes off! TBH, the land base is where this version of the deck really struggles (as well as the reliance on the Winding Constrictor / Glint-Sleeve Siphoner combo). So, any additional thoughts on these issues would be super helpful!

Bristling Hydra is a super interesting addition and might help with my Aether Hub problem. I'm worried it might be a bit slow and isn't a big enough payoff in the 4cmc slot. Greenbelt Rampager might also work in here. I honestly am not sure about either of those. I'll give it a shot either way!

Champion of Lambholt might also be a bit slot. On turn 4 and beyond, the plan is basically to play one big creature a turn (hopefully). So, I feel like Champion of Lambholt won't grow fast enough. I think you recommended Managorger Hydra in a comment thread earlier. Do you think either of these is better than Sprouting Thrinax in this deck?

Also, do you have a preference between Phyrexian Revoker and Pithing Needle ? I guess the threat and the ability to grow Scavenging Ooze with Phyrexian Revoker isn't worth the vulnerability it has as a creature. Pithing Needle is probably the better choice.

Other cards I've been thinking about: Domri, Chaos Bringer , Domri Rade , Chandra, Pyromaster , Arlinn Kord  Flip, Vampire Nighthawk

Brutal_B on Atraxa, But Its Energy

2 years ago

So i built my own!

Not an exact replica as that's not my style.

I found Greenbelt Rampager and Empyreal Voyager to be pretty fun. I'm surprised you're not running Aethertide Whale .

As I was combing through my collection to build my deck I noticed there was a good bit of red cards that supported energy: Voltaic Brawler and Lightning Runner for example. Did you give red any thought when building yours?

Juha on Gruulyard

2 years ago

I like this deck! What I'm concerned about is having something for the one that Burning-Tree Emissary generates. Maybbe something like: Mutagenic Growth , Prey Upon , Rancor or Greenbelt Rampager .

Atarka's Command is usually a sideboard card.

Chasmolinker on So, You Wanna Play Jund Yea? (Budget)

2 years ago

Thanks for the comment Mr_Versatile123!
When I first built the deck, I was unsure of which 1-drop would work best for the deck. Bloodhall Ooze and Greenbelt Rampager were the two contenders. I started off with 2 of each, but once I started playing with the deck, generating didn't seem to be an issue in games where I didn't draw Greenbelt Rampager. Whereas, Ooze synergized so much with Winding Constrictor that I decided to abandon Rampager.

If you wanted to focus more on production, say a build focused around Aetherworks Marvel, then Greenbelt Rampager is a better fit for that sort of deck. That usually takes you out of Jund colors however and probably isn't worth the effort. Not sure though as I've never tried it.

TL;DR: If you want to focus on production, play Greenbelt Rampager
If you like +1/+1 counters, play Bloodhall Ooze

Mr_Versatile123 on So, You Wanna Play Jund Yea? (Budget)

2 years ago

You have a maybeboard. I'm very interested in the deck, and have gotten a lot of the pieces. I want to know your thoughts on what you would cut for Greenbelt Rampager as i own a playset and want to know why you included it. Thanks!

xyr0s on $50 simic menagerie

3 years ago

Got a couple of suggestions:

Less lands - just about 20. You want to win by early damage, you shouldn't draw more than 3 lands, and should be able to run with just a couple of them in play. You should also watch for having too many cards at 2+ cmc, since it's not just your first turn that's slowed down, but it takes a while longer, before you can play 2 cards on the same turn.

Exchange Endless One for Champion of Lambholt. You don't really have enough mana for making a really impressive Endless One anyway, and champion gives a bit of evasion to your whole team.

Wans't there a Pelt Collector in this deck earlier on? It should come back. And then, you could add the sometimes-elephant Greenbelt Rampager. That should trigger all the evolvers just fine.

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