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Buttercup Princess Bride EDH Commander

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This was a fun project to try and recreate many scenes from the Princess Bride movie as a commander deck. The deck is meant to actually be functional with 17 forms of interaction (removal, disruption, wipes, etc.), 10 forms of ramp (ramp, reducing cost, land to hand, etc.), 5 forms of reanimation or graveyard return, and 17 forms of card advantage (draw, tutor, etc.).

All cards, except for most lands, have a direct tie-in to the movie/story, usually through the title, like how Deny the Witch is a call-in to "I'm not a witch, I'm your wife!, Congregation at Dawn is for "mawiage is what brings us together today" and can gather many of the main characters together, or Once Upon a Time starts a story whereas Tale's End and Terminus end the story. The art also plays a roll in some cards like in Enlightened Tutor being a storybook or Mikaeus, the Lunarch being the "mawiage" priest, and Chulane, Teller of Tales being the grandpa at the beginning of the story who stops and starts the story sometimes with Temporal Mastery. Though most lands don't have a tie-in (with the exception of Quicksand, Bojuka Bog, and Clifftop Retreat), I tried to let the art be as reminiscent as possible for the story. There's a lot of hidden tie-ins such as Westley being a "Clever Impersonator" when he was the Dread Pirate Roberts, Shriekmaw being a "Shrieking Eel", and the hag who boos buttercup calling her "putrescence" can be seen in Putrefy, etc. There are also some fun things like you can put a Curse of Vengeance on your opponent and you will be saying "you killed my father, prepare to die" every time they cast a spell--and get a reward once you take them out. You can even call your opponent a pig like Westley to Prince Humperdinck after casting a Curse of the Swine on them and stage your own poison in a cup stand off when you cast a Fortune's Favor, Fact or Fiction, or Split the Spoils (among others).

There are several ways to win. The deck runs Happily Ever After which is a fitting win-con and is possible to meet all requirements especially through Revival / Revenge allowing you to double your life total. Perhaps the easier way to win, however, is to use Buttercup's (i.e., Sisay, Weatherlight Captain's) tutoring ability and get some of the Princess Bride characters on your board, including Odric, Lunarch Marshal. Odric, Lunarch Marshal--who is a tie-in to Count Rugen--can give all of your creatures deathtouch, turning Westley's ability (i.e., Fynn, the Fangbearer's ability) deadly. Likewise, it can give all your creatures double strike, vigilance, and haste with Inigo's abilities (i.e., Samut, Voice of Dissent's abilities). Of course, there's always stealing your opponents best creatures with Expropriate, Abduction, and even Followed Footsteps. I hope you have fun playing the nostalgia of the deck and finding other mini, unexpected synergies as I have.

I'll let you figure out the rest of the tie-ins to the story, but I hope you enjoy! And may your games be "to the pain!"


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