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Inspired by the Lab Maniacs Deck tech on Inalla. However, this functions a bit different in that it attempts to attack opponents board state rather than 100% attacking the hand to make room for Wanderwine Prophets to get you the quick win. If you don't know the interaction between Wanderwine Prophets & Inalla, Archmage Ritualist stop reading here as this is one of the primary win conditions, and go watch this wonderful deck tech made by Tolarian Community & the Lab Maniacs on youtube as this build was inspired by their original work.

Link to Youtube Video:

While the original version of this deck focused more on attacking the hand, this version of the deck works on getting Wanderwine Prophets out and then clearing the board, and there are several ways to help with this.

Cyclonic Rift and Comet Storm are the two most consistent ways of clearing the board from my testing, however, Comet Storm requires a bit more set up for it to happen.

Cyclonic Rift is fairly straightforward as all you will need to do is overload the spell, and then your opponents will have no board state and you have infinite turns. However, Comet Storm is a good back up to this strategy it. The Comet Storm set up requires that Ashnod's Altar on the field for it to work to be a true "board clear", or you can deal damage directly to the player. There is an interaction between Wanderwine Prophets & Ashnod's Altar that will give you infinite colorless mana. This works by exploiting the "Champion Dance" and sacrificing the token to Ashnod's Altar and using one of the colorless mana to pay the ability cost of Inalla, Archmage Ritualist . This gives you the mana to kill everything via Comet Storm .

Of course, the Wanderwine Prophets win-con is not the only win-con in this deck, as this deck does enjoy infinite combos. The other primary win-con is to use Bloodline Necromancer plus Ashnod's Altar . In a similar way that Wanderwine Prophets & Ashnod's Altar , you can utilize Bloodline Necromancer . When Bloodline Necromancer hits the field create your token and before the token's ability resolves sacrifice the original and then bring back it back with the token's ability. Repeat this infinitely and then you have infinite 3/2 lifelink, haste vampires that swing for the game then and there.

The last (sort of) win-con is a flooding of the field. There is a lot of synergy with Master of Waves and Inalla, Archmage Ritualist . As Master of Waves is a wizard you can quite easily swarm the battlefield with elemental tokens that after Inalla, Archmage Ritualist 's help, they can pack quite a punch in a pinch. In playtests, it has been fairly reliable at producing between 9-13 tokens even when playing more conservatively. Master of Waves also helps bring in some additional utility in Chandra, Flamecaller . Additional firepower in the elemental tokens, the ability to cycle your hand, and the ability to deal board wide damage to creatures has been more than helpful. This strategy becomes more potent when if you have Sundial of the Infinite on the field. During your end step, activate Sundial of the Infinite as the check for Inalla, Archmage Ritualist 's ability is on the stack. This will end the turn and it allows you to effectively bypass the "exile at the end of your turn" section of Inalla, Archmage Ritualist 's ability indefinitely. This strategy is not the ultimate way to win, but the fact that it is fairly compact, needing only one or two cards to be as potent as it is, it is worth a shout.

If you want to abuse the swarm strategy a bit more, or be able to have in your back pocket more consistently a additions such as Ghostly Flicker and Deadeye Navigator are worth throwing in to allow you to flicker Master of Waves which will allow you can establish more board state.

Another option in the deck, albeit not as optimal is to utilize Jhoira of the Ghitu to get our big creatures onto the battlefield. I would only recommend this if there is a lot of graveyard hate going around, which should be a priority in getting rid of as reanimating is our primary way of getting those creatures on the field.

Thanks for reading! I wanted to focus on having multiple compact win conditions while having the ability to be flexible. If you have any feedback, I'm more than happy to listen!


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