Squirrel Mob

Squirrel Mob

Creature — Squirrel

This gets +1/+1 for each other Squirrel on the battlefield.

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Squirrel Mob Discussion

DarthVincentius on Squirrel Token Machine

3 days ago

FounderX Thanks for the suggestions. I have actually editted the deck before I saw your comment and I actually cut Scurry Oak for Squirrel Mob . I am trying avoid +1/+1 counters. I want most of the deck to involve in making some sort of token. I am constantly editting and fixing it right now so check back often for the next couple weeks.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Strixhaven spoiler season

2 months ago

Esix has single-handedly made me interested in this set. Now my Squirrel Nest will make me a Squirrel Mob every turn.

In regards to Oversimplify...I hate to break it to you, but blue has had that style of removal for almost half the age of the game at this point. It's part of it's color identity.

BrassLord on Evil Squirrels EDH

2 months ago

Hello fellow squirrel lover! Looks like a good start! Your legendary squirrel boy’s ability incentivizes a few things. For one’ evasion attacks turn into consistent card draw. Things like Hot Soup (with your indestructibility it negates the downside... and come one, squirrel soup man,!), Trailblazer's Boots and Prowler's Helm are all equipment that can ensure you get one or more activations of your commander every combat. The other direction is that he triggers on EACH creature that deals combat damage to a player, meaning you could also play little guys with evasion, kind of like an Edric, Spymaster of Trest deck... but more furry. Hope of Ghirapur , Treetop Scout and the like are all janky little guys that can help draw you more cards.

In terms of general squirrel support, Swarmyard is a utility land that can make things like Squirrel Mob a beast in combat, and it’s a bit expensive, but Earthcraft is an infinite combo with Squirrel Nest that’s sure to make your opponents go nuts (pun intended)

MagicMarc on Squirrels in legacy

6 months ago

Adding Red lets the deck get another way of winning by adding direct damage ability to the deck.

You put all your squirrel cards in that you want to use, right? For example; 4x Squirrel Mob, 4x Deep Forest Hermit, 4x Deranged Hermit and 4x Druid's Call. You can also use the wrangler and excavator, also any of the other squirrel cards like Squirrel Nest. Since you are also in Red, you then also get to play Burn cards,riot cards and anything in the Gruul family. Adding cards like Goblin Bombardment, Fling and Volcano Hellion gives an alternate win condition of direct damage. As well as more ways for explosive wins.

For example; Your life total is 20 and so is your opponent's. You have Squirrel Mob in play enchanted with Druid's Call. You also have Goblin Bombardment in play. You also have 4 other squirrels in play. You attack with the 6/6 mob and if you hit you do damage and if they can kill it you use protection to keep it around and if it took damage you get more squirrels and it gets bigger. Let's say they blocked it with a 4/4 and lost their creature and you get 4 more squirrels and now your mob is a 10/10 and you have a total of 8 other squirrels. What you then do is just cast Volcano Hellion targeting your Squirrel Mob in play enchanted with Druid's Call announcing any amount of damage you like. Let's say you announce 9. You and the mob both take 9 pts of damage. This creates 9 more squirrels bringing your squirrel count to 17. Your mob is now 19/19 and you have 17 squirrels to either sacrifice to goblin bombardment shooting your opponent in the face for 17 or wait and just attack with your mob again. If you put the right kind of protection for your creatures like stuff to make them indestructible or versions of giant growth you can name higher amounts of damage with the hellion and get even more creatures. Or just cast Fling, Soul's Fire or even Chandra's Ignition.

I didnt have anything solid in mind, just thinking of two color decks that would let squirrels put some hurt on people.

MagicMarc on Squirrels in legacy

6 months ago

I would think Squirrel Wrangler combined with stuff like Ramunap Excavator and ramp, or token bonused cards might make for some powerful "go wide" gameplay. With stuff like Deep Forest Hermit and Deranged Hermit. Or anthem cards like Coat of Arms and a lot of squirrel production.

Personally, an idea would be to go UG, find an infinite mana combo protected by counterspells and then kill a Liege of the Hollows on your opponent's end of turn to make an endless amount of squirrels and kill them on your turn.

If you are going to uber protect a Squirrel Mob then dropping Druid's Call on it lets you go big really fast if they have blockers.

Last idea, going RG for stuff like Squirrel Mob, Druid's Call and Goblin Bombardment or Terror of the Peaks style cards. Then just pebble them to death or smash face with your Squirrel Mob. If you go the RG route you can throw a Volcano Hellion at any creature with Druid's Call on it and probably instant win with the pebbles cards.

I_Want_To_PlayAllTheDecks on Squirrels in legacy

6 months ago

I know squirrels will never be competitive or even semi-competitive in legacy, but I want to make the best squirrel focused deck there can be. The current win con is a lot of big hits with Squirrel Mob while protecting it with, Swarmyard and Veil of Summer. Does anyone know of any good cards for this or ways to make it the most competitive or better wincons? Just to reiterate, I know this deck will never be actually competitive.


1 year ago

Lookin for that Squirrel Mob for flavor

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on The Unbeatable Squirrel Deck

1 year ago

It's always nice to see a fellow MTG squirrel enthusiast; however, I am disconcerted by your lack of Squirrel Mob ....

Also, Swarmyard is a must include in any squirrel deck and I usually prefer Parallel Lives or Doubling Season to Primal Vigor .

I know Oathbreaker is a whole different beast than EDH, but in my squirrel EDH deck I run Coat of Arms . Its effect allows you to double dip since most of the creatures who untap lands or produce squirrels also happen to be druids.

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